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Free Kindle books! (Oct 18)

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Today's free Kindle books include a love story, a paranormal fantasy, some true crime, an entertaining children's educational book, and two unique memoirs. Download and enjoy!

Feels Like the First Time, by Shawn Inmon. (Still free?)

Here's a touching love story that's free today!

"It was so touching and inspiring, a beautiful love story." -- Pam Lanser

"An intense and moving true love story that will keep you up until you finish it. I laughed and cried right along with Shawn and Dawn. If you have ever been in love, lived in a small town, or tried desperately to do the right thing and failed, you will love this book!" -- Janine Jorgeson

September, 1975: Shawn meets Dawn, his one true love, when she moves into the vacant house next door. Many people spend their life searching in vain for happiness, but he was lucky; finding it at the age of fifteen.

February 1979: Forbidden to see each other and feeling he is harming her by being in her life, he walks away from the love of his life, apparently forever.

December, 2006: After decades of sadness and mourning the girl that got away, he has a chance meeting with her that might change his life forever, again. Can the sweet bond of first love not only survive, but flourish?

Feels Like the First Time lets you share in the magic of young love in small town America in the 1970s. No matter how much the world changes, some things - timeless music, high school dances, making out in the backseat of a Chevy Vega, and of course true love - will always remain the same.

218 pages, with a 5-star rating from 16 reviews.

Vampire's Eve (Vamp Life #1), by Jez Strider. (Still free?)

In the mood for a vampire fantasy? Get this free today! Note: some reviewers note that some of the romantic scenes are pretty steamy, so be forewarned.

"It's a great book if you love supernatural romance novels. This is a awesome book for young adults, but not recommend for younger kids ( 10-12)." -- 701baby, Amazon reviewer

Evelyn Angel has a rewarding job, amazing best friend, and a promising love interest. The fact that she's a vampire is lost on those who surround her on a daily basis.

When a former lover returns and attempts to murder her, the perfect little life she's carefully made for herself is turned upside down. Not only does she have to survive, she has to decide which man she truly loves.

The past is catching up with her in a deadly way.

(Warning: Contains adult content!)

174 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 9 reviews.

Bayou Bride (Sweetly Contemporary Collection), by Jennifer Blake. (Still free?)

Here's a contemporary romance, new this month, from awarding winning author Jennifer Blake - writer of 65 books with more than 30 million copies in print.

Piracy of the Heart

Sherry Mason fully intended to refuse the plea of her weak-willed friend, Paul Viller, that she be his pretend fiance during a visit to his Louisiana home. Let him stand up to his arrogant older brother Lucien and refuse to marry the girl chosen for him! But that was before she received the late-night phone call from Lucien and heard his scathing opinion of her character and relationship with Paul.

Still, she underestimates Lucien's determination to prevent her appearance at the family gathering - until he spirits her away to an isolated bayou mansion. To submit to this abduction is impossible; Sherry makes every effort to thwart Lucien's plan. But how can she escape the unwilling desires of her own heart?

182 pages, with a -star rating from reviews.

In Broad Daylight (Crime Rant Classics), by HARRY N. MACLEAN. (Still free?)

If you missed this one the first time around, here's another chance to download this true crime story, for free!

"Harry MacLean could have delivered a run-of-the-mill crime story, but instead he researched and wrote a superb book that tells the outrageous true story of a 10-year-long saga involving small-town locals, a diabolical resident and how the collective minds of a small town snap. This is a page-turner beautifully rendered that leaves readers at once exhilarated and exhausted!" -- Cathie Beck, Amazon reviewer

From Publishers Weekly:

Ken Rex McElroy terrorized the residents of several counties in northwestern Missouri for a score of years. He raped young girls and brutalized them after they went to live with him or even married him; he shot at least two men; he stole cattle and hogs, and burned down the houses of some who interfered with his criminal activities. Thanks to the expert efforts of his lawyer and the pro-defendant bias of state laws, he served no more than a few days in jail, the author shows. In 1981, sentenced for the shooting of a popular grocer and free on bail, he was killed by the men of Skidmore, the center of his felonies; they closed ranks against all attempts to identify those who had pulled the triggers. Written by a first-time author, this is an engrossing, credible examination of the way vigilante action can take over when the law appears to be powerless. BOMC and QPBC alternates.

"GRIPPING - excellent and disturbing - a fine and richly rewarding book." --The Washington Post Book World

428 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 51 reviews.

Maurice on the Moon (The Maurice Series), by Daniel Barth. (Still free?)

Here's an educational and entertaining book for kids, free today!

"Maurice on the Moon is one of those great books where the science is seamlessly woven into the story so that no one feels preached or pandered to." -- Meghan Barfield

"I love this book and the science information and accuracy in detail about the topic." -- D. Tomlinson

"Currently, I am reading Maurice on the Moon to my fifth grade class as a read aloud to accompany our science unit on space." -- D. Salerni 

Maurice on the Moon is a science fiction adventure about a young boy growing up in a frontier mining town. Maurice Haberman's father works for the mining company that owns the town, his mother is a ecologist, both of them work hard to earn a living in the little town of Gassendi LEX that has been carved out of a crater rim on the edge of an ancient lunar sea of frozen lava. Maurice's parents have come to the frontier to escape the crowded, desperate conditions of Earth. They have worked for years for a chance to earn their citizenship in their adopted country; a dream that seems to be within reach at last.

Maurice doesn't share his parents enthusiasm for his adopted homeland.
In fact, he hates the Moon and dreams of nothing but leaving Gassendi LEX forever. Living in a lunar colony isn't easy, the work is hard and everyone has to do his part to help the family survive. Besides doing well in class, Maurice has many chores at home, and he is expected to help his father with prospecting work for the mining company when he isn't in school. To make everything worse, the Earth hangs like a jewel in the black lunar sky, spinning in place just out of reach with the promise of everything Maurice wants, but can never have.

The Earth is everything the Moon is not
- a colorful world where the air is free and water falls from the sky. A world where plants grow wild and no one charges you to breathe the oxygen they produce. A world where the sun's light isn't full of deadly radiation and no one needs to put on a pressure suit and helmet just to go outside. Maurice will do almost anything to get to the Earth, even stealing a ride on a space liner doesn't seem out of the question. But leaving home isn't as easy as it seems, and paradise doesn't always keep its promises!

Teaching Science Through Literature:

Maurice on the Moon is currently an adopted science text for students from 5th to 8th grade in several districts across Southern California. The book meets California State Science standards for Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, and Biological Science / Ecology.A complete curriculum guide containing chapter by chapter science standards, questions, activities, and investigations that integrate science with literature, mathematics, writing, art, and other multi-disciplinary subjects is available at Teachers who are interested in using Maurice as a classroom text are encouraged to contact the author for suggestions and assistance in implementing this exciting book into their own classrooms. The curriculum is easily scalable for students at every level from the most basic to the most advanced. The discovery oriented activities closely follow the adventures of Maurice and his friends in the book. Let Maurice on the Moon help you put the sense of adventure back into your classroom!

116 pages, with a 5-star rating from 7 reviews.

The Broke Ass Brigade, by Don Romonov. (Still free?)

We'll wrap up today's freebies with two very different memoirs. This first one is by Don Romonov, a young man afflicted with Asperger's syndrome. He recounts with biting authenticity the experiences he had working for a large big-box store. We've downloaded it and found it a good read told in conversational style. Warning: contains profane language.

"This book is both terribly sad and hilarious. The stream-of-consciousness (and loaded with sarcasm) entries about the people he sees in the store and the real-life things that they do are as mystifying as they are unbelievable. I laughed out loud a number of times at things he mentioned. " -- Esmeowl12, Amazon reviewer

The Broke Ass Brigade is a sarcastic account of the employment of The author Don Romonov in one of the larger retail chains in the world. 

Don entered the workforce as a young man barely out of high school, full of enthusiasm and idealism. He was soon to receive an abrupt reality check of what corporate America is all about. 

Terrorized by crazy and vindictive bosses, Don manages to maintain his sanity and sense of humor while dealing with the masses that frequent the Company Store. Illuminating the day to day interactions of the employees of the Company Store, Don details the devastating effects of poor wages, continued false promises of promotion, and stagnant leadership that make up the culture of the Company Store.

Born with Asperger's syndrome, Don brings an unusual and witty perspective to the everyday events of the Company store. While employed at the store he encounters a group of crusty and hardnosed veterans who refer to themselves as "The Broke Ass Brigade". While talking to Don one day, they spell out the demise of the American worker in the Company Store and point out the incredible injustice the corporation has handed out to the employees. 

412 pages, with a 5-star rating from 2 reviews.

ON BEING A RAT And Other Observations, by Chila Woychik. (Still free?)

Finally, take a look at this unique memoir. Author Chila Woychik bares her soul in snippets of poetry, essays, and quotes, mixed in with a dash of writing advice.

"On Being A Rat" is a tapestry of poetry and lyrical prose, masquerading as a collection of autobiographical essays. The collection is expressive and raw: not as an open wound, but instead like the flesh of an arm which has been scrubbed too clean. The result is fresh skin, peeled back and red, both stinging and refreshing in its exposure to the elements." -- Rstreu, Amazon reviewer

I would take three lifetimes, please. One to read every great book I could find; one to live, love, and gain vast experience with each; and one to write. Halfway through the third, I may actually begin to understand the writing process...

Writing is a universe to explore, a star system to categorize, a new moon to make love under.

Much is metaphorical here - not as it seems. It's written for writing's sake, as if I were to say, "Let me tell you I'm dying." Well of course I am. So are you. But I digress.

I'm a rat. I used to believe in the Golden Rule but now question it. It's too easy to be snarky at those who are snarky toward me. I like how it feels - the yellow cheese giving way between pointed teeth. My tail begins to twitch.

[A December 2011 Reviewer's Choice Book Selection, Bethany Cox, Managing Editor, Midwest Book Review.]

160 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 18 reviews.

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