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Free and bargain Kindle books! (Monday Oct 22)

Good morning! Start your week off with today's selection of free and bargain Kindle books!

The Girl with the Cat Tattoo, by Theresa Weir. (Still free?)

A quick, 100-page free read from Theresa Weir (a.k.a. Anne Frasier) - the award-winning, USA Today bestselling author of twenty-three books. Her memoir, The Orchard, was a 2011 Oprah Magazine Fall Pick, a featured B+ review in Entertainment Weekly, and a Librarians' Best Books of 2011. She won a RITA for romantic suspense, and the Daphne du Maurier for paranormal romance.

"Part funny, part touching, part intrigue, I highly recommend this charming story." -- RitaSV

"I truly enjoyed the pace in which it was written, the plot, and the characters." -- Nikkie B

"I loved seeing the world from Max's point of view and I kept thinking "So that's what my cat was trying to tell me!" or "Or that's what my cat was doing!" -- Pat Dennis

For cat lovers everywhere, this sweet, quirky, and delightful romance is about a young woman and her matchmaking cat.

A little bit of mystery, a whole lot of whimsy.

When a matchmaking cat takes it upon himself to find his young mistress a new mate, he accidentally stirs up memories better left forgotten.

Melody's husband was murdered by what seemed a random act of violence. Two years later, the killer hasn't been caught, and Melody is coping in unhealthy ways. During the day she's a mild-mannered children's librarian, but at night she's a party girl, hanging out in bars, drinking with new friends, and often bringing home strange men. Although acquaintances have tried to keep in touch, Melody has cut herself off from most of the people in her old life. Max, her eccentric cat, doesn't approve of her new friends, he's tired of the parade of losers, and he finally takes it upon himself to find Melody a new man.

103 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 24 reviews.

Safe Harbor, by Rosemary McCracken. (Still free?)

Shortlisted for Britain's Crime Writers' Association's Debut Dagger Award, get this debut novel for free today!

"What I liked best about this excellent book was its treatment of timely topics. Rosemary weaves many themes and current issues in a masterful and engrossing mystery which kept up the pace right to the end. The characters were believable and I can't wait to read more about Pat Tierney! " -- Pat Tierney, Amazon reviewer

What would you do to protect your family?

Financial advisor Pat Tierney's world is shattered when a visitor to her office tells her that Pat's late husband is the father of a seven-year-old boy. Stunned by the revelation of her husband's affair, Pat is even more shocked when the woman bolts from the office, leaving young Tommy behind.

When Tommy's mother is murdered, police tell Pat that the boy may be the killer's next target. In a desperate race to protect Tommy, Pat's searches for the truth and uncovers a deadly scheme involving illegal immigrants, trafficking in human body parts and money laundering.

And Pat discovers that she'll do just about anything to keep her family safe.


"McCracken's first novel offers a coherent structure, an exact feel for the Toronto locales, and, in Pat, a hugely attractive sleuth figure."  - Toronto Star

"With Safe Harbor, Rosemary McCracken proves why she's already won international acclaim. This is an absorbing page-turner you won't want to miss." - Rick Mofina, bestselling author of The Burning Edge

"Rosemary McCracken has a deft touch for writing believable relationships, especially among families. These particular characters will soon feel like people you know and don't want out of your life. Add to this an exciting plot and you'll be ready for a great read." - Maureen Jennings, author of the Detective William Murdoch mysteries

222 pages, with a 4-star rating from 28 reviews.

PALE IMMORTAL, by Anne Frasier. (Still free?)

Vampires in the midwest! Another free offering from award-winner Anne Frasier - this one's a paranormal thriller of 384 pages.

"I was just astounded by the ending." -- Music lover

"She has managed to create characters we genuinely care about, as well as a great feeling of growing suspense." -- Irena

Book One of the Tuonela Duology

The legend:

A hundred years ago, in what is now called Old Tuonela, a killer known as the Pale Immortal walked the streets. When darkness fell children were rushed inside, doors and windows locked up tight. Some claimed the Pale Immortal bathed in blood, and that blood flooded the streets until the ground became saturated.

Even after the Pale Immortal's reign of terror ended, people were afraid. His death had come too late.

Many claimed the ground was cursed, and so a mass exodus took place. Every single person relocated to a new development five miles from the old one. A better location, they claimed. And prettier. On a bluff overlooking the river. Why had anyone settled at the old place, in such a dark valley'

Let's pretend Old Tuonela doesn't exist. Let's pretend we always lived here, in the new place.

Even though a hundred years has passed, many locals still like to pretend Old Tuonela isn't just beyond the outskirts of town where the softly rolling hills end abruptly, the valleys become dark and deep, and the roads turn back on themselves.

Look closely through the trees and you might see it on the other side of the Tuonela River.

Book description:
The sleepy town of Tuonela, Wisconsin, is known for one thing: the killer who stalked its streets one hundred years ago, drinking the blood of his victims. And when the drained corpse of a young girl is found, the citizens fear their past has risen from the grave -- and point their fingers at one man.... Evan Stroud can never see the light of day. The prisoner of a strange and terrible disease, he lives in tragic solitude, taunted for being a "vampire" --until the son he never knew he had shows up in Tuonela, and is drawn into its depraved, vampire-obsessed underworld. Then Evan must rely on his childhood friend, coroner Rachel Burton, for help. But the evil that they face is powerful and elusive -- and about to take them to the very edge of madness.

384 pages, with a 4-star rating from 29 reviews.

Wicked Hungry (A Young Adult Urban Fantasy), by Teddy Jacobs. (Still free?)

A Young Adult urban fantasy, free today!

"I totally enjoyed this story; it was so fast-paced, and I empathized with the characters, the young people as well as the adults. Author Jacobs draws on a wide variety of religion, mysticism, and paranormal elements to weave the tapestry of this story, which will be appealing to YA and adult readers alike." -- Mallorie Anne-Marie Haws, Amazon reviewer

Teenager Stanley Hoff has it hard. He's hairier by the minute, his teeth ache, and the moon makes him howl and growl. Worse, his mom's a witch. And Stanley? He's WICKED HUNGRY, but there's no meat to eat in his vegetarian home.

After a locker room confrontation with a high school bully makes Stanley famous, childhood crush Meredith invites him to her Halloween party. More than fine, except his best friend Karen has broken up with her boyfriend and wants to be more than friends. But when Karen turns allergic to sunlight, Stanley has to wonder is she interested in Stanley as a boyfriend, or as... food?

As a supernatural threat menaces his friends, his high school and his suburban New England community, Stanley struggles not just with his hunger and the beast within... but to survive.

222 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 13 reviews.

The Path To Mindful Eating: Overcoming Emotional Eating and Adapting The Weight Loss Mindset, by Clarence Oliver. (Still free?)

A self-help book on weight control - free today.

"The greatest part of the book is the end, because it's not just a weight loss mindset he shows you how to set up, but a mindset for any success in your life. I deeply enjoyed reading this book and I can't wait for the next one." -- Nancy, Amazon reviewer

Do You Want To Be More Present In Your Everyday Life?
Do You Want To Stop Feeling Out Of Control Of Your Emotions?
Do You Want To Be Able To Stop Your Emotional Eating Dead In Its Tracks?
Do You Want To Lose Weight, Feel Great, And Be On Your Way To A New Body Without Ever Dieting, Enjoying Your Favorite Foods, And Never Forcing Yourself To Exercise?

What If It Was Possible in Just Thirty Days To Change Your Attitude And Perspective Of Almost Everything In Your Life?

In The Path To Mindful Eating, all that is possible and more. Unlike any book you will have ever read on weight loss, mindfulness, or mindful eating before, you're going to learn real actionable techniques to make you happy, to let you take control of your emotions, to be more present, mindful, eat less and feel great doing all of it. No hours of meditation. No weeks of affirmations. Real techniques, used to amazing results by people everywhere that can be done within your everyday routine.

Being Present And Mindful isn't just for monks or men of higher ability, but for everyone, and it's something anyone can achieve.

The Path to Mindful Eating is your answer to more pleasure, more joy, and an ease to weight loss that you would have never thought possible. 

123 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 3 reviews.

... and finally, a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!

The Crown in the Heather, by N Gemini Sasson. (Still $0.99?)

Today's bargain book is this highly-praised work of historical fiction. Pick it up today! It's Book 1 in the Bruce Trilogy, by N. Gemini Sasson, author of 7 historical novels.

"The Crown in the Heather" is an exceptionally well-written novel, brought to life particularly by the stunning scenery of Scotland and the writer's wonderful talent for enacting human drama. It's a story of both triumph and despair, of courage and fear, with prose that is infused with irresistable touches of imagery and pace. Such is the writer's ability to engage the reader that I found this nigh-on impossible to put down." -- Paul Reid, Amazon reviewer

In 1290, Scotland is without a king. Two families - the Bruces and the Balliols - vie for the throne. Robert the Bruce is in love with Elizabeth de Burgh, the daughter of an adherent of the ruthless Longshanks, King of England.

In order to marry her and not give up his chances of someday becoming King of Scots, Robert must abandon his rebel ways and bide his time as Longshanks' vassal. But Edward, Longshanks' heir, doesn't trust the opportunistic Scotsman and vows to one day destroy him.

While quietly plotting his rebellion, Robert is betrayed by one of his own and must flee Longshanks' vengeance. Aided by the unlikely brilliance of the soft-spoken young nobleman, James Douglas, Robert battles for his throne. Victory, though, is never certain and Robert soon learns that keeping his crown may mean giving up that which he loves most-his beloved Elizabeth.

301 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 43 reviews.

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