Monday, October 29, 2012

Kindle Daily Deal: Against His Will (80% off)

Today's KDD: Against His Will, by Trish Jensen. Normally $9.99, now $1.99!

80% off, today only!  230 pages, 17 of 18 reviews four stars and above.

Amazon reviewer Lorna Owens says "This book really surprised me. I'd put off reading it for some time because I thought it was going to be "flaky." (A dog psychologist??) I'm happy to say it was anything but. If you're looking for an easy weekend read, this is it. I really enjoyed reading it."

They tried to resist each other, but it was impossible. Soon their passions were unleashed, and their self-control went to the dogs . . .FBI agent Jake Donnelly is not the kind of man who names a dog "Muffin." Especially not a jowly bulldog. But now Jake's Aunt Sophie has left him her beloved Muffin, along with a sizable inheritance that has some strings attached. Jake and Muffin have to attend a two-week therapy course designed to work out any bonding issues they may have.Enter Leanne Crosby, a pet shrink and owner of a luxury pet spa complete with private counseling sessions, a doggie dating service, and plenty of quirky advice on proper pet parenting.When the gorgeous and brilliant Dr. Crosby sets out to help Jake and Muffin become soulmates, it soon becomes obvious that she and Jake are falling in puppy love.

Features: text-to-speech and X-ray enabled.

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Happy Reading!

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