Monday, October 22, 2012

Author Profile: Dara Lurie

Next in our Author Profile series, we're pleased to  introduce you to Dara Lurie, a creative writing instructor, and author of a personal memoir called Great Space of Desire.

Dara Lurie is an author, workshop leader and Principal of Transformative-writing, a writing-based business offering workshops, manuscript development and creativity consultation.  Dara studied Film & Theater at Vassar College and received her MFA in Creative Writing from Hunter  College.

A child of mixed race and religion, Dara grew up the the Upper West Side of Manhattan and migrated in the mid-1980's to West Berlin Germany where she tended bar, wrote and performed in theater while living among different communities of squatters, Green Party activists, journalists, teachers and social workers.

Her first book, Great Space of Desire: Writing for Personal Evolution, is a memoir touching on issues of race, emotional dysfunction and healing through creative process. The book also contains creative worksheets for writers of all levels.

In her Transformative-Writing Workshops & consultations, Dara helps writers access a deeper level of creativity and abundance within the personal and professional realms.

Dara's workshop & consultation offerings include:

Create Your E-book

Planning, writing, visioning & revising.   Writers create a solid outline, use mind-mapping to expand core ideas into full concepts, guided visualization and other visioning techniques to focus their ideas and perspectives and learn how to edit and revise a manuscript that can become a professional quality book.  A 6-or- 8 -week course.

Writing for Personal Evolution

Personal discovery and conscious communication through the art and craft of the written word.  Writers explore the emotional intelligence contained within the verbs, nouns and sentences structures of their writing.  Reach the heart and soul of communication ~ written and spoken ~ through structured writing exercises, mind-maps and creative visioning combined with non-violent communication. This unique workshop creates a safe and powerful experience and helps writers become clearer and more effective communicators within the personal and professional realms.  A 6 - or- 8 week course.

Manuscript Consultations

Transformative-Writing Manuscript Consultations guide the writer through all stages of project development including early outline, content development, editing and visioning work to bring out the book’s strongest voice.

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