Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Interview with Lynn McNamee, owner of Red Adept Publishing

Today, we interview Lynn McNamee, who runs Red Adept Publishing. Learn more about Lynn and the services that her company offers to authors!

Lynn, with the astounding growth of indie publishing, we've seen a strong demand for services to help independent authors navigate the waters. Can you give us a summary of the services that Red Adept Publishing provides for authors?

We are actually a hybrid company. We provide a variety of editing services for authors who wish to self-publish. We also offer traditional publishing for authors who choose that route.

With your editing services, is it an all-in-one package, or can an author pick and choose the services needed?

We offer content editing, line editing, and proofreading. Authors can choose which service they need. Our line editing automatically comes with a proofread, but additional proofreads can also be purchased.

Our one limitation is that we only accept proofreading jobs for books that have been edited. Our proofreading fees are very low for the industry, and wading through unedited books in an attempt to only correct proofreading errors is simply too time consuming.

Can an author have his or her book published by your company after paying for editing?

No. Our publishing side is separate from our editing side. On our publishing side, authors do not pay for anything.

Additionally, in the interest of ethics, if a book is turned down for publishing, we will not allow the book to be submitted to our editing side. This and various other questions come up often, so we address them on our FAQ page.

Do you publish all submitted books or is there a selection process?

All submitted manuscripts go through our acquisitions editors. They are rather picky, which is why I have them on the staff. We accept less than 10% of all submissions.

We've seen some concerns from authors about small publishers and their ability to provide consistent services. Can you speak to that and how you address that in your operation?

We currently have a staff of twelve. I have several trusted staff members who are ready to step in should the need arise. I have procedures in place should something catastrophic, or even minor, happen to me. These procedures cover everything from getting work completed to taking published books down and returning rights.

Your site began as a book review site, and then transitioned into a full-service editing and publishing company. Can you tell us how that evolution occurred?

I actually fell into full-time editing from having so many authors asking me to do it. :)

Once I began that job, I realized the demand for editors far outweighed the supply. To ensure quality in my staff, all applicants are given two tests to determine skill level, and anyone hired goes through a training process.

In the course of running an editing service, I discovered that many authors couldn’t afford editing or professional covers and formatting. This led me to open our publishing side.
We kept the company a hybrid because we firmly believe that authors should have a choice.

Can you explain for us the process that a book goes through prior to your publishing it?

Each book receives a personalized procedure, but at minimum, two edits consisting of content and line editing, plus two to four proofreads. We’ve contracted with Streetlight Graphics for all of our covers and formatting.

Do you have preferred genres that you work with?

On our publishing side, we accept all genres, with the exceptions of erotica and children’s books. We have nothing against those books; our marketing procedures just aren’t set up to sell them.

On our editing side, we accept all genres.

Tell us a bit about your background and how it helps you in the services you provide.

As I stated above, I pretty much just fell into editing. I’ve always had a love of the English language and enjoyed studying structure and grammar. I am a voracious reader, so the job is definitely fitting.

My employment experience contains over 15 years of accounting work. I know how to run a company, maintain budgets, and pay people. :)

I couldn’t have created this business without my wonderful staff: Jim, Michelle, Misti, Karen, Cassie, Heather, Irene, Sean, Daniel, Kris, Stephanie, and Nicole.

Your "blog tours" for new books are interesting and we've enjoyed being part of some of those. Can you tell us some of the other things you do to market or publicize books?

In addition to the blog tours, we submit books for review on as many venues as possible. We’ve also done some small website ads, social media mentions, networking, etc. We are working on getting a system in place to submit press releases to the authors’ local newspapers, etc. We also give advice to our authors so they can participate more effectively in their own marketing.

Any interesting titles coming up?

Yes! Our next book is First to Find, by Morgan Talbot. This cozy mystery will be released on October 29.

That book will soon be followed by a science fiction novel, Artificial Absolutes, and a techno-thriller, Upload. The authors are Mary Fan and Collin Tobin, respectively.

We also have a new young adult dystopia and a thriller/suspense in the works.

Lynn, we've enjoyed having you as a longtime member of the KindleBoards forum, and it's been exciting to see the success of your business. Thanks for talking with us today!

Thank you for having me!


  1. Lynn - lovely interview - you are, as always a pleasure to work with :)

  2. Great interview Lynn, I love working with Misti and Stefanie! Great team work!

  3. Thanks, Mel! My staff is pretty awesome. He, he

  4. That's a great interview. I liked learning more about Lynn and Red Adept.