Saturday, October 27, 2012

Andrew Van Wey's "Forsaken" - a KB Spotlight book!

"Intricate, disturbing, unexpected, and scary! I can honestly say that I haven't read something like this in a long time. I would highly recommend this book for all lovers of the paranormal and horror genres. -- Autumn @ Open Book Society

"I cannot recommend Andrew Van Wey's Forsaken highly enough. Not only is it one of the best electronic reads I've come across yet, but it's the kind of highly polished, well-written story that I only wish I could have on my shelf as a hardcover first edition. Yes, it's really that good!" -- Sally @ Library Book Lust

"The story itself is amazing. I was completely drawn in almost immediately. There is believability to these characters that I really liked; they could easily be that family that lives down the street. So many super creepy parts that I did not want to read this book before I went to bed." -- Jenn @ Completely Booksessed

For today, this acclaimed novel has been reduced from $4.99 to $2.99. Read about it, and check out the video trailer below!

A dark debut novel downloaded over 50,000 times!

A cursed painting...
A hidden affair...
And an undying secret, alive, in canvas and oil.

For art professor Daniel Rineheart, life's a dream. His family's laughter fills the halls of his happy home, and his wife's embrace lulls him to sleep.

But summer's end heralds the arrival of an ill gift: a mysterious painting sent by an anonymous artist, a disturbing work of grotesque perfection that awakens a surreal nightmare.

Enter the world of FORSAKEN, where evil lives in art.

...Where abstract children escape from a canvas prison to stalk the quiet halls of a happy home.

...Where painted clocks tick-tock away in the dark hours before dawn, and a missing dog whimpers from between the walls.

...And where all answers lead to a dark artist and an impossible creation, a cursed canvas with a twisted past that threatens to destroy his family, devour his sanity, and consume all that lay eyes upon it.

Curl up, if you dare, with a dark debut novel that readers are calling: "Beautifully written" -- "A 'Must Read'" -- "Super creepy" -- "Amazing!"

Fans of Clive Barker, Stephen King, and Peter Straub will find this dark novel written for them. FORSAKEN is a throwback to the dark tales that seep beneath the skin and come to a boil, where the real and surreal blend together, and the words within are best not read before bed!

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Meet the Author

Andrew Van Wey was born in Palo Alto, California, spent part of his childhood in New England, and currently lives as an expatriate abroad where he doubts his sanity on a daily basis. When he's not writing he can probably be found hiking, playing video games, or sleeping with the lights on. He considers gelato and pizza to be a perfectly acceptable meal and shorts to be business-casual if paired with a scarf.

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