Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Emma Daniels' "Indian Rose" - a KB spotlight book!

I really loved the story and enjoyed reading the book. The characters were all so different and author did a good job of bringing the story to a end without making it unpredictable. -- Laura P. Forrest, Amazon reviewer

The Ship that traveled through time

Having recently lost her beloved father to cancer, the last thing Jessica Hart needs is to come across a confused and injured stranger on the beach near her home. Not only does Patrick O'Hara believe it's 1778, he's also under the impression Jessica is a boy.

Patrick talks Jessica into taking out her family's yacht, and she soon realizes she's made a big mistake when a storm sweeps them both overboard and into the path of The Indian Rose.

Rescued by his own crew, Patrick knows they have returned to the past, but Jessica is convinced The Indian Rose is just an authentic reconstruction complete with crazy sailors willing to go along with their insane captain's desire to live in the past.

So begin Jessica Hart's adventures into the past. Not only is she now trapped in 1778, but she is also falling for the enigmatic and handsome Patrick O'Hara, whose lonely seafaring life has kept him from experiencing any kind of emotion for a woman, until now.

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Emma Daniels lives in Sydney Australia, but also lived in Germany as a child. She is married with two children. She has been writing romantic novels for most of her life, and the results are clear - more than 15 books to her name. She is also a jewelry artist. Her favourite mediums are chain maille, bead sewing and artistic wire work.

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