Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gaslight: A Golden Light Anthology

A Golden Light Anthology

Gaslight: A Golden Light Anthology weaves together tales of love and peril, of fantasy and reality, of courage and redemption. These short stories journey back in time to ancient days and historical settings, to gas lit streets of bygone times.

Authors J.S Dunn, Sergio Palumbo, Marcella Spencer, Emily Ann Ward, Susan Sundwall, Edward Fraser, Tim Knopp, Anne Van, C. Marlin Teat, Tucker Cummings, and Stuart Condie spin tales of old - some with a touch of fantasy, some with a touch of reality, all with touch of history.

Step into the past and take up your light with Gaslight: A Golden Light Anthology.


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Committed to excellence in book publishing Chamberton Publishing believes the pillars of a society are founded on great literature and that each book leaves an indelible stepping stone for the future. We hope you enjoy our selection of great fiction in a broad range of anthologies. We're pleased to present our newest release featuring many talented authors. 

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