Thursday, January 30, 2014

Discover the "Scott Cullen Mysteries" series by Ed James!

Set in Edinburgh, this police procedural series is praised for its tight pacing, and its clever plot-line will keep you guessing whodunnit . The first book, "Ghost in the Machine," is available today for just 99 cents.

Ghost in the Machine (Scott Cullen Mysteries), by Ed James

"Top notch! Ed's "Scott Cullen" character is well worth following in this murder mystery. Hard to put down. I've already ordered the other 3 "Scott Cullens" from Ed James. 5 stars out of 5." -- Amazon reviewer

Detective Constable Scott Cullen of Lothian and Borders has only been three months in CID as a full DC. He is assigned a Missing Persons case which has stretched his uniform colleagues. Caroline Adamson - a young, recently divorced mother from Edinburgh - has disappeared whilst on a date.

The more Cullen digs into her disappearance, the more he unravels her private life. Who was she on a date with? What happened during her divorce from Rob Thomson? As Cullen's own private life gets messier and the relationship with his DI deteriorates, Caroline's body turns up and he finds himself hunting for a ghost in the machine.

Book one of the Scott Cullen series.

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Meet the Author

Ed James writes crime fiction novels, predominantly the Scott Cullen series of police procedurals set in Edinburgh and the surrounding Lothians. The first in the series, GHOST IN THE MACHINE is FREE has been downloaded over 33,000 times. Books two and three are available now and book four will be released in late June.

Ed lives in the East Lothian countryside, 25 miles east of Edinburgh, with his girlfriend, six rescue moggies, two retired greyhounds, a flock of ex-battery chickens and rescued ducks across two breeds and two genders (though the boys don't lay eggs). He works in IT, but doesn't wear sandals or have a beard.

His blog - - is a log of his work, his thoughts on his writing, and a place for his word count OCD to express itself. His music tastes will creep in now and again.

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