Friday, January 10, 2014

Writer's Cafe: Digest for January 10th

Today in the Writer's Cafe - as summarized by author Endi Webb

An ongoing discussion arose regarding Hugh Howey’s suggestion to make the WC a more useful online resource for writers everywhere. Ideas such as breaking out topics into more narrow categories like marketing, cover design, etc. Pro’s and cons discussed.

Pros: easier to find older threads, fewer repeated threads, attract more voices as the WC expands.
Cons: ghettoization often kills forums, you’re less likely to stumble on gems, it ain’t broke don’t fix it, people seem to like the atmosphere here and are wary of changing it.

A useful suggestion by Nathalie-just implement tags to make it easier to find threads. The selection of tags could be chosen by the mods to keep it from getting out of hand. Some idiot suggested daily WC summary posts. I say his idea belongs in the WC (make of that what you will).,173735.0.html

Anne Frasier notes that being an indie, though lucrative, is absolutely exhausting... and wonders if more indies won’t start trying to go traditional. Several pointed out that indies can (and should) be farming out work to others who can do it more professionally (and cheaply, considering the time lost writing), which often (usually) costs less than just turning over 80% to a publisher to do those things for you. But some people just lack the organizational skills to keep track of all that. Hybrid is a wonderful way to go for those given the opportunity and with an agreeable contract. The Hugh predicts that many successful indies will do so out of curiosity, but then lose money and get burned by contracts, never to do so again. Susan and others suggest an 80/20 solution: do 20% of the total work that gets you 80% of the payout. Also, The Hugh says that if offered his print-only deal again, he’d turn it down.,173775.0.html

Catherine Lea delurked herself. Finally!,173783.0.html

Rachel D’aigle: Fonts. Where to get them?,173780.0.html

Nathalie speaks French, and is an all-around excellent human being. Don’t tell her I said so. So does Elle, and Lady O.,160887.0.html

Vrabinec used to wrestle and play football, but apparently when his wife says they’re eating fruits and veggies, THEY’RE EATING FRUITS AND VEGGIES, and he takes it sitting down. I would have challenged her to a good wrestle.,172795.150.html

Blake Russell lost 22 pounds and wrote 10 books on his treadmill last year. Gojira wrote 8 books on hers. Treaddesks=good idea for most who’ve had them.,173721.0.html

Also-boughts might be slower than usual. Has taken 10+ days or longer in some cases.,173695.25.html

Blake Sheridan is back!,173795.0.html

Becca Price asks an interesting question about duplicating stories in short story collections. Consensusy answer: (assuming you own the rights) don’t worry too much about it, unless your duplication rate is unreasonably high. But if you intend to put one in select, and the story is already permafree, that’s a problem.,173768.0.html

Matte Covers from CreateSpace: Most people seem to like them better than the old shinys. Pros: less curling, they just feel good in your hand, no fingerprints. Cons: … some genres are more disposed to shiny? Like Scifi, according to Ryk.,173700.0.html

Sarah Stimson discovers Stephen King’s On Writing. Group consensus: it’s A-Ok. Very helpful book about writing. Sidenote, was I the only one who has no memory of that ear thing? Maybe I blocked it out.,173705.0.html

JRTomlin gets a review complaining about a cliffhanger. Good discussion on what leaves the reader wanting more and what just leaves the reader hanging. Good point by Patty: the problem isn’t with the review complaining about cliffhangers, the problem is that reader not buying the next book.,173806.0.html

KBers celebrate publishing a new work in a variety of ways. My favorite was DDark’s.,173728.25.html

H. S. St. Ours changed his series covers! I’ve seen those things around here since I joined KB two years ago. Good advice, especially from Scarlett midway down the page. Summary: Typography is important. If everything is the same size and same font, then it’s all competing for attention from your eyes.,173718.0.html

No sales after a freebie promo, but had sales before. So says Adegan. Texasgirl suggests that beforehand she was on others’ also-boughts which drove a few sales. During the free run, you don’t show up on also-boughts (I didn’t know that), and so if your giveaway is lackluster, you essentially lose all your also-boughts which would hurt post free sales. Most commenting seem to find value in either setting a book in a series to free, or setting the first book in a series to permafree, but a few disagree.,173804.0.html

Comment of the day, as chosen by me:
Quote from: Becca Mills on Today at 11:37:48 AM: Oooo, KB! Suddenly you're so ... long!

Stats for the day:
Total new posts: 74
Total new comments: 1146
Total new members: 25
Total Rykymus sightings: 3
# of times Blake talks about Tequila: 0 (!)

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