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Discover the Jake Samson mystery series from Shelley Singer!

Awarding-winning author Shelley Singer is the author of ten mysteries, including the Jake Samson mystery series. In book 1, "Samson's Deal," Chicago transplant Jake takes on a case that winds through the twisted alleys and opulent mansions of California's Bay Area.
Samson's Deal ( #1, The Jake Samson PI Series) (The Jake Samson Series), by Shelley Singer

" of the nicer guys in the private eye business, who operates in a relaxed, casual style without need for macho posturing." -Washington Post

“Great bar scenes, a wonderfully wry narrative, and the obvious nonsexual affection between Jake and Rosie will have readers clamoring for more.” -Library Journal

"Singer has a good ear for dialogue among the witless…It's fun to watch [Jake and Rosie] the two old friends work together, and the bad guys eventually get their satisfying comeuppance, after an interesting plot twist that keeps things hopping till the very end." —San Francisco Bay Guardian

Samson's Deal is the FIRST novel in the Jake Samson mystery series by award-winning author Shelley Singer.

Murder, politics, and strange bedfellows…

Ex-Chicago-cop Jake Samson is tired of the rat race. He's living in laid back Oakland, California with a couple of cats and just enough savings to eat canned oysters and accept collect calls from his bemused parents, when an old friend--a progressive political science processor--calls with an enticing offer. Seems the professor's wife was found dead in the backyard of their Berkeley home, and he wants to pay Jake ten thousand dollars (plus expenses) to figure out whodunit.

The police pick up the usual leads; jealousy, dirty politics, and an estate worth killing for. Naturally, since the professor is the dead woman's spouse, he's the primary suspect. Samson doesn't like the guy much, but the case heats up—quite literally--when the professor's office is set afire by a radical right wing activist group, of which, it turns out, the wife was a member.

With his sidekick Rosie, and her justice-dispensing two-by-four, Samson follows a twisted trail leads through the Bay Area's bizarre cultural labyrinth; from pop meditation ashrams to neo-Nazi rallies, to the startling, but all too human truth.

“A fast-paced and often frightening look at the insidious attraction of the extreme right. Even though most of those drawn to the group may be on the lower end of any IQ chart, their sense of dedication to the mistaken idea that they possess a genetic and racial superiority is enough to make them very dangerous. This Shelley Singer novel is recommended.” -Bookbrowser

Shelley Singer is the author of ten mysteries, two science fiction novels, one mainstream fiction, and many short stories.

Get the first book in this series!

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Meet the Author

I'm the author of 13 published novels. BLACKJACK's the most recent, soon to be released from BooksBNimble, originally written as Lee Singer and published in hardcover and audiobook. It stars Rica Marin, spy, torch singer, and mercenary in the dangerous Balkanized world of 2066.

I'm currently finishing a novelized memoir titled The Pepsi Cola 9th Street Grocery and have started writing a seventh Jake Samson-Rosie Vicente detective novel. The six earlier books in the Samson series are either available or in production as ebooks. Unlicensed iconoclast Jake Samson and his pal Rosie are PIs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

One of the four books in my Barrett Lake series, Interview with Mattie, was nominated for a prestigious Shamus award.

I've taught fiction writing and worked one on one with writers as a manuscript consultant on nonfiction, literary novels and in every genre from memoir to mystery to science fiction to horror. Several clients and students have gone on to become published authors. I've been cited in the acknowledgments or dedications of several published books, including a number of award-winners. Recently, a student called me "insanely meticulous"--and meant it as a compliment. I think.

I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and began my working life as a reporter with UPI in Chicago. During a checkered and mercifully brief journalism career, I met many famous people, at least two of whom were murdered, and many not-so-famous who are still alive.

I have done too many things for a living.

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