Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Discovery Day! (Friday Jan 17)

It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Euthanasia, by Mack Mulluncey
She lies on the cold, metal table--clad in a loose, white paper dress--waiting, waiting, waiting, as her lover claims his next victim.

When Alex left the clinic that day, she thought she could move on from the rape that left her pregnant and the agonizing decision to have an abortion. That is, until the child she thought she left behind contacts her. Terrorized by mysterious phone calls and guilt, Alex feels her sanity slipping away as she becomes convinced that she must find the man who brutalized her to make a family for her dead daughter.

Anti-abortion crusader Tobin Bartell wouldn't have it any other way. As The Leader of The Movement, when he's not organizing protests or giving speeches, he's orchest...
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A King Ensnared, A Historical Novel of Scotland (The Stewart Chronicles), by J. R. Tomlin
On the dangerous stage of medieval Scotland, one man--in an English dungeon--stands between the Scots and anarchy.
Robert III, King of the Scots, is dead, and Scotland in 1406 is balanced on a knife's edge. As he eyes the throne, King Robert's ruthless half-brother, the Duke of Albany, has already murdered one prince and readies to kill young James Stewart, prince and heir to the crown.

James flees Scotland and his murderous uncle. Captured and imprisoned by the English, he grows to be a man of contradictions, a poet yet a knight, a dreamer yet fiercely driven. Hardened by his years in the Tower of London and haunted by his brother's brutal murder, James is determined to recover his crown and end his uncle's...
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Dead Quarantine (Zombieclypse), by A Rosaria
Unbeknownst to two teenagers—Ralph worried about a history exam he didn't study for and Sarah having studied all weekend—a flu pandemic with apocalyptic proportions rages over the world. On Monday, they arrive at their high school besieged by men in hazmat suits, escorting infected teenagers to buses. Ralph is forced on one of these quarantine buses and Sarah, along with the remaining healthy student body, gets quarantined at school.

This flu however is worse than the 1918 Spanish Flu that killed a hundred million people—much worse. This flu turns its victims into the walking dead. The few not infected are left not only with the grief of their family and friends passing, but also with the horror of their families, friends...
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An American Outlaw, by John Stonehouse

The No. 1 Chart-Topper in Crime / Action Fiction (Kindle US)

The scion of one of the West's great outlaws comes home from the war in Iraq--Gilman James, the last of three childhood friends to return.

His brothers-in-arms are mere shadows of their former selves--Gil, unmarked--determines to take care of them. But how far should a man go for the people he loves?

Stepping across the line between right and wrong, Gil finds himself stranded in the Texan desert--as a bank heist he's planned goes horribly wrong. Pursued into the badlands by US Marshal John Whicher, Gil crosses paths with Tennille Lab...
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Winter Arrives (White Cairns Ski School, Episode 1), by Roz Marshall
When her ski instructor husband is delayed from returning to Scotland, it falls to Jude Winters - creative graphic artist, mother and home-maker - to get the season started for ailing White Cairns Ski School. It's a challenge that's way out of her comfort zone. How can she turn things around and keep the wolf from their door until he gets back?

"Winter Arrives" is the 1st novella from the 'White Cairns Ski School' series about a Scottish snowsports school.

Episode 2, "Fear of Falling", is also available.

Please note:

British English spelling and grammar
PG / PG-13 content
This is a novella of approximately 17,500 words
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Warning: Something Else Is Happening, by Lindsay Edmunds
In this dystopian fairy tale, the fantasy creatures are e-beasts. They live in Networld.

A tribe of e-beasts called The Dreadful Night have a vendetta against the human race. They prank people at every opportunity and do not care about the collateral damage they do in Networld.

Cel, an intelligent and idealistic e-beast, is on a hero’s quest to re-establish good order in Networld.

Something else happens instead....
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A New Premise, by Cynthia Washburn
In the near future a crisis erupts when terrorists change their target from buildings and people to the world money supply. They discover a way to duplicate all paper currency as well as credit and debit cards in a way that renders detection impossible. The markets are flooded with phony products and chaos ensues. A new government emerges in the U.S. with tight control of economic markets, prices and wages. It introduce a new financial system using an implanted microchip. But is the 'grain', as the microchip is called, merely an implanted debit card or are there more sinister and hidden functions?

A New Premise follows five different people coping in a dysfunctional new world that seems to only work for the few elite....
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6 Keys to a Vibrant Mind: The Complete Handbook for Smart and Sexy Women Over 40 (Keys to Vibrance), by Lucia Amora
* Tired of struggling to maintain sanity in the rush of life?
* Is your work and family taking over your life?
* Are you ready to take charge of your health as a woman?
* Do you want to achieve True Vibrance in your vocation as a woman?

This book is especially crafted for women, just like you, to empower you through the minefield of choices to stay fit, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

In this book, you will discover how to:

- Improve your brain and sharpen your memory
- Reduce stress and eliminate burnout
- Control anger with your kids and family
- Gain relief from anxiety and depression
- Eliminate fears about the future that hold you back...
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