Friday, January 10, 2014

Book Discovery Day! (Friday Jan 10)

It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Liv for Love (Warfield's Landing #3), by Adeara Allyne
Currently Available: Book 1 - Dreams Claimed, Book 2 - His Best Girls,
Book 3 - Liv for Love, COMING SOON - Book 3.5 - First Christmas in Warfield's Landing

Welcome to Warfield's Landing, a small and idyllic Maryland town on the banks of the Susquehanna River. This is Book 3 in the Warfield's Landing Series.

It all started with a classic case of mistaken identity.

The newest arrival in Warfield's Landing, artist Will sees mechanic Olivia hard at work at her garage. He's instantly drawn to her, only to have her mistake him for Jason, his questionable twin...

As soon as that's sorted out, and he's making headway with Liv, he discovers that Warfield's Landing is full of secrets......
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Firebird (The Flint Hills Novels), by Janice Graham
A New York Times and international bestseller, translated into 18 languages. In the tradition of The Horse Whisperer comes a novel from the heart that tells a story of universal truths—of the love between men and women and mothers and daughters; of passion that transcends tragedy; of promises made and promises kept.
Set in the majestic Flint Hills of Kansas, Firebird tells of a man caught between two women—one who shares his life and his dream of land and cattle; the other a stranger whose love threatens to destroy the dream he has built. Ethan Brown is a gentleman rancher—an Ivy-educated lawyer who is as comfortable amongst his books as he is at ease in the company of cowboys. Engaged to the daughter of the wealthiest landowne...
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Sinker (Las Vegas Mystery #6), by Rex Kusler
Former Las Vegas Homicide Detective Jim Snow has found himself in a tenuous position with his partner Alice James. She’s the other half of their Private Eye firm James & James and she’s back in her hometown tending to her sick mother and contemplating a career change.

This leaves Snow alone in Las Vegas to work his newest case involving the drowning of a former Deputy District Attorney on Lake Mead. But that’s only half the job. He’ll also have to find the victim’s monkey that was with her in her boat that night—and babysit until he can find a primate shelter with a vacancy.

Snow struggles to uncover the events leading up to the drowning, dealing with a diverse assortment of suspects including the vict...
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Good Eats: The Deluxe Edition, by Elle Chambers
Good Eats: The Deluxe Edition is a 34,000 word novella that tells the story of the Crawford family in 1960s Louisiana.

The Haitian-Creole people, their religion, Vodoun, and the rumors of hoodoo rituals have brought esteemed cultural anthropologist Michael Crawford, his nine-year-old daughter Libby, and his Haitian-Creole nanny, Virgine Santiago, to the area. Michael's a skeptic of the Vodoun faith and hoodoo in general—until the day his daughter is discovered lifeless at the bottom of a creek. Devastated and unable to let go, Michael makes a deal with the local bokor (sorcerer)—bring his daughter back and the bokor's debts will be paid for life. Two days later, Libby returns. The question is: as what?

This e...
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Second Chances, by K.L. Phelps
How far would you go to uncover the truth? Nathan King lost his wife a year ago. He thought he’d come to terms with her death. However, when he sees her in a crowded airport, he knows his world will never be the same again.

What would you do if you discovered your entire life was a lie? When a man approaches Paige Kendall and claims to be her husband, she thinks he must be joking. But when he produces photographs and shares details of her past that she knows no one else could possibly know, she is forced to question everything she believes.

Together they set off on a perilous adventure to find out what really happened to Nathan’s wife and discover who Paige really is. Every answer brings them a step closer to t...
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Score (St. Martin Family Saga), by Gina Watson
He was handsome, sexy, confident, and a complete bastard. So what was she doing in his bed? Hadn't he proved to her again and again that all he was good for was bringing her pain. To be fair, last night she'd felt no pain, only pleasure.
Caleb sensed the warm naked body in bed next to him. He knew it was Chloe but what he couldn’t figure out was why. He’d grown up next door to her, had teased her relentlessly. And she’d hated him for it. Memories from last night of the curves she’d grown into had his mouth going dry. He’d had no words with which to tease, all he could do was moan.
Had Chloe actually had sex with a man she’d hated for a decade? A full percussion section was banging in Chloe’s ...
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LETHAL STRIKE: A Short Story (Action-Adventure), by Tom Saxon
It's all-out war on the streets of Chicago—as special operative Matt Coogan invades the nerve-center of a brutal Mob boss. Coogan's mission: shut down a vast weapons smuggling any means necessary. But when Coogan uncovers a nightmare conspiracy, the hunter becomes the hunted. Stalked by an army of hitmen, outnumbered and outgunned, Coogan will need more than skill and courage to survive—he'll need a lethal strike.
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The Sons of Masguard and the Mosque Hill Fortune, Part One (Volume 1), by Vivienne Mathews
The first installment in a new series from Vivienne Mathews, this anthropomorphic tale is sure to strike a chord with fans of “Redwall,” “Watership Down,” and “Warriors.” Centered on a rivalry between two otter captains and the ancient threat that brings them together, it is an adventure-fantasy on the open sea, described by the author as “’Wind in the Willows’ with pirates.”

A haunting mist sits on the harbor beneath Secora Tor.

It hides a secret that only Captain Marshall, accomplished military figure and heir to the greatest explorer in the kingdom’s history, can unlock. When he receives a cryptic mes...
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