Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"The Air Singer," by K. Huber

The life of tarot-reader Tally Chambers is turned upside down when a mysterious client appears at her table. This series-opening paranormal romance is garnering strong reviews and enthused reader comments on Amazon.

The Air Singer (The Cantors), by K. Huber
Price: $2.99
250 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 22 reviews

"Great debut! Delightful read. It's smoothly written and has well-defined characters and a plot with good movement. The author did a nice job of revealing the history of the cadence and singers as the story developed. I loved that, because it is daunting when you read a book and the author tries to give too much background too soon. The character development was spot-on; you really get a feel for the personality of each character in the book and their relationships. Tally is likable right off the bat and has a great honest relationship with her bestie Kate. Roland is dedicated, smart and handsome and Oliver has his back and his secrets. I'm sure there is a lot more going on with Anna besides her cooking and whip cracking planning. You would never guess this is the author's debut! It's a smooth read with an interesting and enjoyable storyline, great action and characters you will enjoy." -- Amazon reviewer

She must learn to control her element. He must learn to control his desire.
A paranormal romance unlike any other...

Tally Chambers is content with her quiet, undemanding life. She works as a tarot reader during the day and plays open mics at night. Her simple utopia is shattered when the attractive Roland Stokes sits at her table. She is elated at his sudden interest in her, but soon discovers his true motivation.

Roland reveals that she is the Air Singer, one of four people in this generation who can control the elements. He is her paladin, sent to protect her from those who would cause her harm.

Tally is quickly thrown into a battle between two ancient societies. The Cadence want to protect her. The Spina want to kill her. All over a power she never asked for.

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Meet the Author

K. Huber was born in Phoenix, and like a true Arizona native, she never left. She is the author of The Air Singer, a paranormal romance and the first book in series called The Cantors. When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family that includes a playful shih tzu mix, Stella. She is an avid rock and fossil collector and attends many local gem shows. Her other interests include reading, amateur archeology, and auditory torture otherwise known as karaoke.




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