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"Little Joe," a glimpse of small-town American life from Michael E. Glasscock

One year in the life of a young boy who survives an accident that kills his parents. A touching glimpse into small-town American life in the late 30s, this book is the first in a series.

Little Joe (Round Rock Series), by Michael E. Glasscock
213 pages, with a 3.9-star rating from 12 reviews

"Classic! An authentic portrait of life, unfettered by the demands of our modern lives, in the period leading up to WWII. A story of innocence, loss, uncertainty, prejudice, unlikely friendship, acceptance, forgiveness, and love. I was captivated from page one, the author recreated a world most of us have only read about. I enjoyed the scenes of small town farm life he depicted in this book. I was drawn into a world, that while in a state of anxious anticipation for a war that we were being drawn into, was still innocent and loving. When we meet him, in the hospital, just learning of the death of his parents, he meets his grandparents, whom it seems he doesn't really know. He is thrust into their world by cruel fate, and seemingly has a hard time adjusting to his new life. His grandparents seem distant and almost uninterested at times. But you soon realize that they are guiding and shaping him to become a caring and responsible young man. I would have no problems recommending this book to people of all ages." -- Amazon reviewer

When Little Joe Stout survives the car accident that took his parents’ lives, he is sent to live with his maternal grandparents in the small town of Round Rock, Tennessee. Orphaned and missing his Texas home, Little Joe is reluctant to adapt. But his grandparents, especially his grandmother, are up to the challenge of raising him despite their own struggles. Soon, childhood friendships are forged in the oddball duo of Sugar and Bobby, and—with the help of a new canine companion—Little Joe begins to see that his new home offers the comfort and love he thought was lost forever.

Set against the drama of World War II and the first sparks of the civil rights movement, Little Joe’s new home is a microcosm of America in the 1940s. A frightening incident with a Chinese motorist traveling on the wrong side of town, the migration of troops across the countryside, and a frank discussion of Jim Crow laws are just a few of the local events mirroring the radio broadcasts that bring the news of the day into his grandmother’s kitchen.

Little Joe begins a four-part series from Michael E. Glasscock III that explores the intricate social cloth of Round Rock, Tennessee.

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