Saturday, January 18, 2014

"Crowdfunding: The Next Big Thing," by Gary Spirer

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Crowdfunding: The Next Big Thing, by Gary Spirer
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373 pages, with a 5.0-star rating from 23 reviews

"Fascinating. you learn how to match up your presentation, pitch, message, media and timing to optimally get sales-ready leads and sales and repeat sales. You could just read this book as a traffic-getting and marketing in the digital age guidebook. Spirer shows that marketing is really a conversation – one that you initiate and must keep going to succeed. If you want to get an unfair advantage, read this book from cover to cover." -- Amazon reviewer

In CrowdFunding: The Next Big Thing, money-raising expert Gary Spirer reveals the secrets of raising capital in the digital age. He outlines the ins and outs of the five major capital-raising strategies, including how the current Kickstarter type crowdfunding differs from crowdfunding equity. The new world of crowdfunding equity can be hard to navigate due to numerous regulations, and the challenge of keeping crowds engaged. Crowdfunding start-ups is a platform made possible thanks to the recent JOBS Act. Now even the small guy can invest in early stage companies and potentially strike it rich with the crowdfunding platform and the investing and business-building tools provided in CrowdFunding. Spirer guides readers through the seven steps that any start-up business can employ to ensure success in raising money and building a business. With a great idea and design, a start-up needs to thoroughly and repeatedly research and pretest its product in the marketplace until the ideal niche is narrowed down in order to attract the most customers. Spirer points out that too many entrepreneurs believe that if you build a field of dreams they will come. He shows in detail how to drive traffic, get them to come to your field of dreams, and stay. In CrowdFunding, entrepreneurs will learn about successful pitches and how to pitch concepts in person or on crowdfunding websites. They will learn how and when to use one or more of the five money-raising strategies in the digital age. According to Spirer, "The perfect pitch comes from refining and distilling core ideas over and over." They will also learn about the new SEC regulations imposed to protect investors. Spirer lays out all of the exciting new platforms for marketing a product or service start-up interactively via the infinite possibilities and fluctuations of social media, mobile, and the web. He explains how to work with the savvy consumer of today, who expects to be part of the marketing conversation. Spirer's book shares the secrets that venture capitalists have employed to identify potential blockbuster investments and how the same approaches can be deployed in analyzing crowdfunding opportunities.

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