Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fruit Drops Part II -- a Match 3 puzzle

Fruit Drops Part II is a new game from Bullbitz of the "Match-3" variety.

Currently in the top 25 in Amazon's app store, this game provides some added features to the popular original game of Fruit Drops. In Part II, new obstacles and objectives are added in the "netted fruit." You can't move or swap a netted fruit tile, but you can remove all the fruit in the net by matching its fruit with two other fruits of the same kind.

And, the game now has three difficulty modes, and allows you to turn off the voiceover and banner. These are all good changes that add to the enjoyment and flexibility of the game.

As with other match games, a tiled board appears in a variety of patterns, and you swap adjacent tiles to line up 3 or more of the same fruit in a row. Matches of 3 or more vertical or horizontal tiles disappear, and more tiles drop in from above.

The game's opening levels are easy, but the game gets progressively difficult from there. The number of swaps you're allowed is limited at the higher levels, and the pattern of the board changes from a square grid to diamonds and other shapes.

And, to keep things interesting, there are obstacles and power-ups to deal with. Obstacles are fruit crates, and they can't be swapped. They can only removed by clearing an adjacent string of fruit, or triggering a power-up. Power-ups come in several flavors and are created when a string of 4 or more fruits are matched.

This is another well-designed game from Bullbitz. The levels are smoothly graduated, so things don't get too difficult too soon. As you progress from one level to another, a scoreboard appears showing the points you earned for each preceding level. It's a diverting game that's a pleasure to play.

Click on the screenshots below for larger views of the gameplay.

"I have played Fruit Drops part I but with this game the level of difficulty has definitely changed...Now you have more than back tiles to clear under the fruit but now nets or chains be cleared first....It's still 3 or more match in a row, but the objectives at each level are harder...Which makes it more fun and challenging to beat with the clock running.....Also the boards themselves are configured differently...

Getting the Sunflower power-up is really cool because whatever colored fruit you push it towards it wipes out all the same colors on boards...So your strategy here would be to look for the largest same colored fruit group on the board then use it...

Ad free and no IAP interruptions....That's what I like.... "

-- Amazon reviewer

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