Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"The 22nd Secret," by Randal Lanser

Free today, and sporting ten 5-star reviews, this page-turner skillfully blends mystery and romance.

The 22nd Secret, by Randal Lanser

"Pamela Koller is one smart young girl. But, is she too smart for her own good? She has been recruited out of college to work for the US Government. After working on a secret project for a few years, she does something no one expects. She decides to defect to China with the secret project that she has been working on. Before she makes it to China, her small plane crashes in a remote area of Alaska. Luckily, a local lodge owner, Jim Mitchell, is able to come to her aid and help her recover from the crash. She is now faced with the dilemma of letting this innocent, handsome man know her true identity and the real story of why she was on the plane or she can create another persona and try to leave him out of the treason that she is committing on her country. I had no idea what was going to happen in the book or who really knew what was going on. It would make a really good movie because it's one of those stories where you know that people know more than what is going on, but you don't know which version they know. Do they know the whole truth, the real truth or the truth that the government wants them to know? This story will keep you guessing at every twist and turn. It was a really great read and I thoroughly enjoyed it." -- Amazon reviewer

Pamela Koller, America’s leading nuclear computer scientist and top-secret undercover operative has to penetrate the heart of the Chinese ballistic nuclear arsenal. Using irresistible beauty and predatory sexual style she seduces her Chinese counterpart. Within a complicated plot of espionage and deception Pam convinces the Chinese she will help them disable the secret Star Wars programming embedded in the technology the Chinese stole from the United States.

The small plane delivering her to the Chinese crashes, leaving her snowbound in a remote part of Alaska. The romantic, passionate thirty-six hours she spends alone in a remote lodge with Jim Mitchell heats the arctic night and seals their everlasting love.

The Chinese want to use her, the Americans want her dead, but the small clandestine group she’s part of wants her in China to complete her mission, the 22nd Secret.

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Meet the Author

Randal Lanser was born in Missouri and grew up in Colorado where his parents were both educators. He is a CPA and currently living just outside of New Orleans after having lived in Texas for many years. He is married and extremely proud of his six children and ten grandchildren. A lifelong model railroader, he also enjoys riding his Harley Davidson and driving his Mustang GT.

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