Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"The Devil's in the Details," by Kimberly Raye

Humor, suspense, adventure, and demons! Join the readers who love this first book in a new paranormal romance series from the talented and prolific Kimberly Raye.

The Devil's in the Details, by Kimberly Raye

"This is a rollicking romance that will keep readers smiling until the last page. Jess is a fabulous, funny narrator whose penchant for reality TV is only exceeded by her kind heart. The humorous take on the wedding industry (complete with a bridezilla who is actually from hell) is great fun, while the underlying mystery of which a member of Hell's royalty is out to stop the wedding keeps the pages turning. The romance sizzles throughout, and while the conclusion may leave one a bit unsatisfied, it does hook readers for the next installment." -- RT Book Reviews

Jess Damon’s life is…complicated. Not only is she a man-eating succubus (albeit recently reformed), but she has the mother from hell—literally. Yep, Houston’s hottest wedding planner is the daughter of the devil. Though as far as her mother knows, Jess is only in the business to hook up with hunky groomsmen, not to find true love.

But when demon hunter Cutter Owens rolls into town, turning her back on her evil birthright proves harder than Jess thought. Cutter is out to take down the devil once and for all—and he wants Jess’s help to do it. There’s no denying Cutter is gorgeous, in that sexy “a demon stole my soul” sort of way. And, sure, Lillian Damon is the queen of evil. But she’s still Jess’s mom. Now Jess must outfox the world’s greatest demon hunter without revealing her true identity or—devil forbid!—falling in love. Sexy, funny, and fiendishly clever, this bewitching paranormal romance is one hell of a read.

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Meet the Author

I'm so excited to finally see my upcoming book THE DEVIL'S IN THE DETAILS listed on Amazon! DEVIL is the first book in a brand new series from Amazon's very own Montlake Romance. The series features Jess Damon, daughter of Satan and one of the hottest wedding planners in Houston. While Jess is awesome at what she does, nothing prepares her for THE wedding from Hell when her mother (yep, mom is the big D) suddenly announces that she is joining forces with a powerful demon general, and wants Jess to plan the wedding. If that isn't stress enough, there's a hot, hunky demon slayer out to kill her mother and Jess must not only plan the wedding, but save her mother from permanent annihilation!

I hope you'll check out this first in my brand new series and pre-order your copy today! And don't forget to visit me on the web at!

Much love from deep in the heart . . . Kimberly Raye

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