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"The Rescue," by Carolyn Reardon-Neuman

All four- and five-star reviews for this memoir that will touch and delight anyone who's ever loved a dog.

The Rescue, by Carolyn Reardon-Neuman

"Wonderful! This life-affirming book is a must read for anyone who has ever loved a dog, raised a child, or been affected by cancer. You will laugh, and you will cry. You will fall in love with a rescue dog, and be inspired by his grateful owner who with honesty, humor, and incredible wisdom triumphs in her battle with breast cancer. This book will leave you with a renewed appreciation for your family, your friends, the simple pleasures in life...and of course, your dog." -- Amazon reviewer

THE RESCUE is a memoir that chronicles, with a dose of humor, the experience of rescuing a dog who was close to death. This particular dog returned the favor and was pivotal in rescuing me, a year later, from the very same condition.

The story is based on Cape Cod, where I have lived for 22 years with my husband and daughter. We are a typical middle class family, balancing work and the rigors of raising a teenage daughter. I am a self employed graphic designer/copywriter working out of our home. It features our dog Poe, a Border Collie/Sheltie mix. We rescued Poe from a shelter, where we found him sick, starving and terrified. In an effort to bring Poe back to life through regular walking, jogging and exercise, I met many wonderful dogs and “dog people”. These new people brought into our lives by Poe would figure prominently in our lives after I received a breast cancer diagnosis at age 45. Through the diagnosis, subsequent treatment and eventual recovery, my love for Poe and the kindness of the “dog people” helped rescue me. Poe and I are now both healthy, happy, and grateful for each other.

This is not a cancer book, although cancer is a major topic. This is not strictly a dog book either, though dogs are at its heart. This is a book about appreciating the little things that bring you joy, finding humor in whatever life throws at you and finding ways to cope through difficult trials. I hope it is a humorous account of coping with life and the “booby prize” of breast cancer.

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Meet the Author

Carolyn Reardon-Neuman is a Massachusetts native. After receiving a BFA in Design from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1983, she has worked as a graphic designer and copywriter for industry, advertising and currently her own business of Wildcat Design. She has been married to Phil for almost 25 blissful years. They have one grown daughter and live on Cape Cod with Poe the dog and Tubby the cat.

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