Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Copper Heart (The Maria Kallio Series)," by Leena Lehtolainen

Newly available, this thriller is a "rich, smooth" addition to the internationally successful Maria Kallio mystery series.

Copper Heart (The Maria Kallio Series), by Leena Lehtolainen
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273 pages, with a 5-star rating from 3 reviews

"Rich, smooth murder mystery! Maria Kallio was thrilled to leave her Finnish hometown of Arpikylä and head to Chicago to live her life with her boyfriend, Antti, so she is a bit torn at being back home as the acting sheriff for a few months. Thing is, she needs the money so back she goes. The really difficult thing about being the acting sheriff in the tiny Finish town she grew up in, is knowing everyone. Knowing everyone means she will definitely be acquainted with the murderer when he or she is found out. Set in this little struggling copper mine town, the people are all a little worn out and worn down; the mine closed years ago and Seppo Kivinen has had the foresight to turn the closed mine into a tourist attraction. And this is where the murder occurs when Meritta Flojt, the colorful and provocative artist is shoved to her death from the high copper mine tower. Maria's job is to find the murderer- and not let her lifetime acquaintance with all the suspects hinder her. Leena Lehtolainen's translator, Owen F. Witesman, did a fantastic job of translating from Finnish to English; it is so good that I forgot the original story was in a different language so rich and smooth was his translation." -- Amazon reviewer

Former police sergeant Maria Kallio gladly left her tiny Finnish hometown of Arpikylä without looking back. But even though Maria despises the small town and the acrid smell from its now-closed copper mine, when Arpikylä’s sheriff asks her to serve as deputy sheriff for the summer, she agrees.
What should have been a quiet summer soon turns dramatic—and deadly. Meritta, an outspoken local artist, plunges to her death from the copper mine’s tower, and Maria immediately suspects someone helped her fall. Now Maria must face the harsh truth that one of the town’s residents killed Meritta, and friends Maria has known for decades all harbor their own murderous motives—even Johnny, her gorgeous former crush who almost makes her forget about her long-distance boyfriend, Antti, who is studying in Chicago.
In this thrilling addition to the internationally successful Maria Kallio mystery series, the past and present of the beloved Finnish detective violently collide, leaving her future in grave danger.

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