Thursday, November 14, 2013

"The Nero Decree," by Gregory Lee

The Nero Decree, by Gregory Lee
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416 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 7 reviews

"Lee’s braiding of fact with authorial invention might recall Ian Fleming....But actually there’s shades of David Nicholls in there too: this is muscular prose, but marbled with empathy. And it is precisely because it has heart, that Lee’s depiction of historical repression is able to touch a nerve in the present." -- GQ Magazine

As the Nazis come to power in Germany, a violent argument over a secret key causes young Johann to lose the only parent he has left. Worse, it is his half-brother, Dieter, who commits this horrific act of betrayal. Although their fragile family bonds are irrevocably destroyed, the brothers’ paths are destined to cross again.

Years later, Hitler’s army is on the verge of defeat as Soviet forces cross into Germany. Hiding in plain sight, Johann works to save German lives, secretly despising the Führer to whom Dieter has sworn his allegiance. Yet now it is Dieter who holds a terrible secret that threatens not just Johann and his family, but an entire city unsuspecting of the enemy within. As Germany falls before the Allies’ merciless advance, Johann and Dieter are locked in their own furious battle. Who will be left standing in the wreckage of their homeland? The fate of not only the brothers themselves, but the entire city of Berlin, rests in their hands.

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