Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Book Discovery Day! (Tuesday Nov 12)

It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Celebrate! (Boxed Set), by Barbara McMahon
From USA Today Bestselling Author Barbara McMahon, and National Bestselling and Award Winning Authors Linda Barrett, Rogenna Brewer, Karen Sandler and Debra Salonen.

CELEBRATE! Five heartwarming stories celebrating the sweet gift of romance on Father's Day, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas.

Man of the House by Linda Barrett
Bobby's been the man of the house since his father died, but now his mom is spending time with Steve. Steve makes his mom happy, but no one can take Bobby's dad's place. Can Bobby have a change of heart and accept a new man of the house?

One Star Spangled Night by Rogenna Brewer
Navy Chaplain Lieutenant Lindsey Alexander is not as naive as ...
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Scarred, by Kristine Roper
A disfigured woman haunted by nightmares and the knowledge that she'll always be alone. A lesbian high school student who deals with abuse by cutting herself with a razor blade. A vicious serial killer that has been leaving a bloody path of faceless victims in his wake.

Taylor Mackenzie's parents died in a car crash when she was a child. Marked by facial scarring from the same accident, she had been raised by her grandmother, a woman who had been so ashamed of her granddaughter's looks that she had her hidden away from the rest of the world for most of her life. After finally running away as a teen, Taylor made her way to San Diego where she now helps run a shelter for runaway girls.

Rachel Dupree is a lonely and ...
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Dandy Day, by Annie Wood
Dandy Day is a thirty-five year old free-spirited, commitment-phobic, Venice Boardwalk roller skating waitress. When Dandy is suddenly dumped by her therapist, right when they were on the brink of figuring out why her relationships last only a whopping three months, Dandy decides to take her relationship issues into her own hands. With the reluctant help of her lifelong best friend, Simon, Dandy tracks down her exes one by one and does a relationship autopsy on each of them in order to get to the bottom of her relationship challenged life.

A short novel about love, friendship and grown ups (sort of) growing up (sort of)....
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In the Shadows (The Blaisdell Chronicles), by Katie Welsby
When the love of her past-life turns up, things hot up for Lucy Blaisdell. Trouble is, which of the feuding pair offers genuine romance, and which is just out for revenge? There’s also the small matter of a witch to contend with – or is it a gentler magic the mysterious Ellen offers with her overtures of friendship?

It’s easy to fall for Alex Craven’s good looks and witty charm, but it’s Nathan Harlow’s dark and brooding, almost rude manner, that teenager Lucy can’t help but find herself being drawn to. To make things even messier, there’s no love lost between Nathan and Alex, and their history seems to go back a long way…

Right back to a dark past-life in the Napoleonic era, if Lucy’s increasin...
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The Blessed & The Damned: A Novelette, by A.R. Williams
On the dark streets of Kuwar, only the strong survive. The twisted city is home to half a million people and danger lurks behind every corner.

When Lorna Jassan's daughter is kidnapped, she must return to Kuwar to find her. With time running out, and little hope of finding Johra alive, Lorna seeks the help of Weslin, a man she never wanted to see again. Reunited once more, they scour the underbelly of a vile society, while Lorna tries to keep a sixteen-year-old secret hidden from Weslin. But Kuwar has secrets of its own. Will Lorna unravel them before her daughter pays the ultimate price?

Includes extra content: Behind the Scenes, Kuwar, Character Interview, and Cover Evolution....
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Stand-Up Guy, by Laurie Brown
Stories of sex, drugs and violence are told by a guy who did it all – except rat on his friends. Nostalgic, blunt, touching and brutal, it’s a fast-paced journey into and out of the days and nights of a street level gangster. From jacking the pumps at the local Texaco to disappearing owing the mob money, this is a true story of twenty years on the streets of Brooklyn and Long Island selling drinks, women and drugs along the way.

The story is a fast drive that starts with recruitment by Tommy Toupee and speeds straight into the dark nights and early morning hours of hardcore gangster life. Experience what it was like to break a knee-cap, hustle a chick, hide out in Florida and wash prison laundry while trippin’ on acid. Twen...
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Going Global - How to sell your ebook in the German Market, by Birgit Kluger
Are you a self published author who would like to conquer new markets?

Why not try to sell your english ebook outside the US or UK?

This ebook explains how the german market works and where you can advertise your ebook or your special promotion. You will find a list of german bloggers who review english books as well as aggregators that deliver outside of Amazon.

Contents include:

The german market: What you can expect

How to prepare a promotion

How to promote your ebook in Germany

Selling outside of Amazon

This book is the first in the "Going Global" series that explains how to sell ebooks in foreign markets....
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Paleo Beginners Cookbook - Paleo Diet Solutions & Recipes, by Ned Campbell

Get Ready To Enjoy Amazing Paleo Recipes That Are Not Only Great For Your Body...
But Taste Absolutely Fantastic!

Introducing- Paleo Beginner's Cookbook: Paleo Diet Solutions & Recipes
by Ned Campbell. Finally One Guide and Paleo Diet
Recipe Book That Has It All - A Paleo Cookbook For Beginners

The Perfect Introduction To Anyone New To Paleo Cooking!

As you know, The paleo diet is taking the world by storm because not only does it make people feel great, but they also are becoming more...
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