Thursday, November 7, 2013

"A Man Above Reproach," by Evelyn Pryce

This historical romance is an ABNA award-winner. Publishers Weekly calls this a "delightful whirlwind," and readers describe it as "smart," "entertaining," and "fantastic."

A Man Above Reproach, by Evelyn Pryce
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226 pages, with a 4-star rating from 43 reviews

"A bluestocking and a Duke make an unlikely pair in this exceptionally entertaining historical romance. Elias Addison, the dutiful and put-upon new Duke of Lennox, expects tedium and disdain when his friend persuades him out for a night of debauchery. Instead, he is drawn to the brothel's pianist, an untouchable woman known as the Bawdy Bluestocking, who refuses to succumb to his charms. The truth is that Josie is no courtesan -- she is a disenfranchised lady, a bookseller, and a crusader, determined to bring a better life to women who, due to circumstance, are forced into prostitution. Convinced that Elias is another unrepentant rake, she makes every effort to turn him away, which only fans his interest. A drama of class, hidden identities, and a battle of the sexes unfolds, with witty banter and searing passion sure to entice. Though the social situations strain credulity, Elias and Josie are so likable, and their romance such a delightful whirlwind, that stretching the historical accuracy is easy to forgive. Fans of Kieran Kramer and Sabrina Jeffries will find much to like here." -- Amazon reviewer

2013 Winner — Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award — Romance
In 1830s London, scandalous whispers surround the pub known as the Sleeping Dove, a hidden bordello catering to nobles eager to shed the trappings of their stations. Josephine Grant knows the rumors are true—she plays piano at the Dove and is known only as the "Bawdy Bluestocking" to the pub's faithful.
The reluctant Duke of Lennox is called "The Uncatchable" by society ladies, not that he cares for them or their nicknames. Elias Addison's estate was thrust upon him when his father died, and it has been little else but a burden.

When a friend brings him to the Sleeping Dove in an attempt to lighten his mood, the Duke of Lennox finds himself at the Bawdy Bluestocking's piano, and together they begin to play a dangerous melody. Though Elias cannot resist courting her, she has a past to protect, a shaky future, and no time for frivolous nobility with soft hands. When the Duke uncovers the truth, will he wish he had never heard the tune?

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Meet the Author

Evelyn Pryce is a historical romance author born in Pittsburgh, where she still lives happily with her husband and two cats, studying literature and history. Her first novel, A Man Above Reproach, was a finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. In her spare time, she works with literacy groups, reads, blogs, gardens, and attempts to cook. She is not as domesticated as she sounds.

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