Monday, November 25, 2013

"The Lord Who Sneered and Other Tales: A Regency Holiday Anthology," by Heidi Ashworth

Just in time for the holiday season, here's a triplet of warm stories, from the accomplished pen of regency romance author Heidi Ashworth.

The Lord Who Sneered and Other Tales: A Regency Holiday Anthology, by Heidi Ashworth
Price: $1.99
122 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 9 reviews

"A fun regency read! This is the 3rd book that I've read by Heidi Ashworth. I absolutely loved this trio of stories. I think the Ghost in the Graveyard was my favorite but all 3 were equally intriguing in their own way. I enjoyed seeing some of my favorite characters making appearances and learning more about them in the years prior to when I actually "met" them. It's definitely not necessary to have read any of Heidi's other books, but let me tell you, I would highly recommend adding them to your reading list as well! I still have 2 of her other books to read and cannot wait to jump back in." -- Amazon reviewer

Three touching, inspirational tales that evoke the essence of what we love most about the cold weather holidays. The Lord Who Sneered: Christmas 1818. Debutante Lady Sophie Lundell has been warned away from the Marquis of Trevelin by her father, but why? When she meets the infamous Marquis at her first ball, she is fascinated by his scar, one that causes his mouth to be drawn into a perpetual sneer. So determined is she to learn how he came by it, she follows him out onto the veranda and insists on hearing the story from his own lips. Her curiosity transforms into a profusion of emotions when she discovers there is more to the Marquis' wicked reputation than his injured mouth. When Christmas day dawns, she learns that the best of gifts are bestowed only by the heart.

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Meet the Author

Heidi Ashworth, author of the popular Miss Delacourt series, including the award-winning Miss Delacourt Has Her Day, is a busy wife and mother who's grateful for a bit of peace and quiet in which to write. An unapologetic anglophile, she is determined to return to England to see the home of Jane Austen, a landmark she missed during her first trip across the pond, though she knows Lord Byron's house to be a suitable substitute. She's smitten with books, chocolate, and roses, not necessarily in that order, and is never averse to a round of Guitar Hero.

You can read more about her at or on her blog at
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