Thursday, November 28, 2013

Love, Murder, and Everything Else
What's better than Black Friday or Cyber Monday? The Love, Murder, and Everything Else eBook Sale! 24 quality, well-reviewed ebooks all reduced to just .99 cents for one entire week, November 27th – December 3rd.

What's your pleasure? Romance? They've got it. Mystery and Thrillers? They've got that too! And horror, science fiction, YA, and more! Plus, fun extras like a free short story and recipes.

Participating authors include Scott Nicholson, Jennifer Blake, Angie Fox, Deanna Chase, Donna Fasano, J. Carson Black, Alexandra Sokoloff, Matthew Iden, Karen Cantwell, Misha Crews, Amanda Brice, MA Comley, David Gaughran, Rebecca Forster, LK Rigel, Cidney Swanson, Gary Karton, Mackenzie Lucas, Sandra Edwards, Edward W. Robertson, Phoenix Sullivan, Sophie Davis, Juli Alexander, and Lindsay Buroker.

Check it out and enter a chance to win a book retailer gift card for $100.00:

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