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"Black Monastery," by William Stacey

Black Monastery, by William Stacey
Price: $4.99
261 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 6 reviews

"Great read! I really loved this book! The story of Asgrim, is told from a Viking perspective and is an excellent combination of dark and heroic. Asgrim, disfigured at a young age in battle learns to live his life on boldness and bravery rather than the charming good looks of his younger brother. All of his hardwork has paid off when he is chosen to lead a very important raid on Ireland. When things don't go as planned, Asgrim's aims change to take on the biggest raid yet, the Black Monestary. Leaving one evil behind, it can't get any worse, right? Asgrim's seemingly simple raid takes everyone by surprise and leaves him with a choice; be the man people think he is or be the one that he really is deep down. The action scenes were very well done. It takes a great writer to get them right and this was done well. The story had depth and the characters were well developed. I am days later still thinking about this book so, I highly recommend it!" -- Amazon reviewer

The Viking north clashes with the supernatural east in an epic historical fantasy tale of heroism and redemption.

Banned from his homeland, Viking warband leader Asgrim Wood-Nose has been declared outlaw. Unless he can raise a princely blood debt, he will never see his beloved Denmark again. When a Saracen merchant brags of a great treasure hidden on the Frankish island of Noirmoutier—home to the Black Monastery—Asgrim believes fate is offering him a chance to go home again. But an ancient evil has escaped from the Black Monastery, an eastern demon that wears the skins of its victims. Hunted by this monstrous foe and tormented by the ghosts of those he has slain, Asgrim’s only ally becomes another lonely soul, a Frankish woman abandoned by her people under suspicion of witchcraft.

Beware the foe behind the strange threshold.

Voted 'Outstanding in Genre' by Red Adept Select.

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Meet the Author

A former soldier, William Stacey served his country for more than thirty years, including multiple combat tours in Bosnia and Afghanistan. William loves exercise and all things martial and is a black belt in karate. He can often be spotted walking his German Sheppard puppy, Thor, in his hometown of Ottawa, Canada. Visit him online at

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