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"Wren's Nest," by Deanne Durett

Wren's Nest (Ordinary Days in Myrtle Hill (The Phoenix Connection)), by Deanne Durrett
Price: $2.99
252 pages, with a 5-star rating from 4 reviews

"Excellent read! I enjoy the author's writing, she make the characters interesting and belivable. The stories are entertaining and keeps you guessing. In this one a retired older gentlemen opens his door to find a young girl about to deliver a baby. The young man that brought her tells Joe that Blake Adams sent them, and he leaves. You need to read the book to find out what happens after that." -- Amazon reviewer

Awakened by frantic pounding, Joe Chandler opens his door to a blast of wind and rain, and two strangers on his front porch.

Earlier in Phoenix: Sherman Taylor overhears his uncle's conversation about a surrogate mother deal gone bad and a plan to steal a relative's baby. A short time later, Sherman pulls his sister from her apartment and shoves her into his car. Loren thinks it's her brother's ploy to get her to a surprise baby shower, but he's taking her away from their uncle and her midwife, as fast and far as he can. By the time they reach Joe's place in Myrtle Hill, Oklahoma, Loren is ready to deliver.

Sherman leaves Loren and her baby in Joe's care and heads back to Phoenix. He must return before anyone links him to Loren's disappearance. Soon after he arrives, Loren's midwife, and then his uncle show concern for Loren's whereabouts.

Sherman watches a black sedan follow his uncle from the apartment complex. A few hours later, police inform him that his uncle has been severely beaten and escort him to the hospital. As Sherman nears the bedside, his uncle whispers, "Take Loren and run," before he goes into cardiac arrest.

Deciding to keep Loren's whereabouts secret, Sherman conducts his own investigation and finds that the hired thugs after Loren's baby will stop at nothing and they're on their way to Myrtle Hill. Can he stop his uncle's gangster client from kidnapping the baby he believes to be his blood-kin and heir. Maybe, with the help of a team of retired cops: A Phoenix minister and Joe chandler's volunteers in Myrtle Hill.

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Meet the Author

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Deanne Durrett grew up on a farm six miles from the town where she went to school. She expected to marry after high school graduation. Her future included years of being barefoot and pregnant plus a lot of housekeeping, laundry and cooking. That was the way of things in small farming communities back then.

Fortunately, her mother had a different idea. Durrett says, “By the time I realized what Mom was up to, I was unpacking my bags at Southwestern State where I met the man of my dreams. He led me to the place where I discovered I wanted to be a writer and gave me the opportunity to follow my dream.”

After forty years of newspaper and magazine work plus 23 nonfiction books, Durrett decided to return to her first love, Christian fiction. With stories that had been on the backburner for years and dozens of characters anxious for their stories to be written, Durrett couldn’t wait for a door to open by chance, so she gave it a shove and walked through to independent publishing. She released her first Christian novel, THE ROGUE TRUST for Kindle in August 2012. It's romance with a twist of mystery and suspense. The second, WREN'S NEST, suspense with a twist of romance, was released a few months later. A third, Lucy’s Mansion is scheduled for late fall. Another character with a story is emerging from the shadows and that book should become a reality in late spring.

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