Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Book Discovery Day! (Tuesday Nov 19)

It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Song and Signal, by M. E. Patterson
Can a teenage hacker change the fate of the universe?
Or will a nanite-wielding assassin reach him first?

Seventeen year-old genius Zakari Sharp has never stood on the surface of a planet, never seen a sun-streaked sky. He lives on a corporate-owned mining facility at the edge of the solar system, with a mute alien for a guardian and brainwashed, muscle-bound ex-convicts for company. The day his father vanished was so long ago that Zak thought he would never hear from him again.

Zak was wrong.

Now, chased off-station by a cabal of mythical assassins, Zak and his best friend Liz embark on a harrowing journey across the galaxy, to find his father's hiding place and learn the universe-shaking...
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Murder at Cold Creek College (Cold Creek #1), by Christa Nardi
Sheridan Hendley is a professor and psychologist, not a sleuth. When her colleague at Cold Creek College, Adam Millberg, is murdered, she is charged with helping the Detective assigned to the case. Immediately, her good friend becomes the prime suspect and Sheridan is motivated to help solve the case and prove Kim isn’t guilty. It also becomes apparent that Sheridan is attracted to the handsome Detective. As Sheridan tries to implement the crisis plan on campus and connect all the people in Adam’s life, she finds out that many women have a motive for Adam’s murder. Slashed tires are the first indication that Sheridan’s involvement is obviously making someone nervous....
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Load the Boat (Darla King Mystery Series), by Rosalee Richland
Darla's life just isn't turning out the way she planned. Darla King left her position as a Florida investigator hoping to avoid any further involvement with law enforcement—but her curiosity keeps getting in her way. Darla is beginning to realize that what she envisioned as the simple life of a square dance caller is not so simple after all. When she agrees to serve as a square dance caller on a cruise, she plans on a little work and a lot of fun, sun, and romance. Instead, she and her friends encounter black market porn, a dead crew member, and a mysterious man with a satchel. In addition, another passenger, Mandy, seems to be in the thick of it and getting a lot of Doug's attention. Darla lands in danger, escaping only with...
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Grace the Maid, by Micki Street
In Sandton, South Africa, the Melja complex is abuzz with gossip. Grace's long-time employer, Bonnie Beaufort, is finally pregnant, but there is a dilemma. Bonnie's husband, Neville, has left her for his secretary before she can share the wonderful news.

Grace's head is full of bees as she embarks on a self-imposed mission to find Bonnie a suitable husband before the baby is born. Grace confabs with the other maids in the complex to secure Clive Winterton, Bonnie's handsome neighbour. But first she must visit the Sangoma for his valid advice and direction. What she doesn't bank on are some shocking truths about Neville and the intentions of his pushy parents when they find out about the pregnancy. ...
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Blitz Kid (Rachel Pearse), by Eliza Graham
London 1940. Rachel is alone and adrift in a stricken city as the Blitz reaches its most deadly stage and thousands die in nightly air raids. Her father is under arrest as a suspected spy, her mother seriously ill in hospital. As bombers pound the city each night, she struggles to survive in the blackout alongside London’s criminals and to unearth the real traitors. A young man offers her friendship and support. Can she trust him, or is he just an opportunistic looter viewing her as another victim of war to exploit? Young adult/12-plus. Published in British English....
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Son of a Gunfighter, by Van Holt
On Sale for a Limited Time! Regularly $7.99

Dan Whitton’s father was the most hunted and desperate killer the west had ever known—not hunted by the law, but by the man who had
destroyed his chance of living in peace with the girl he loved.
Now Bob Whitton was dead, and the man who had finally succeeded in having him killed was still alive, fat and prosperous and gloating in his triumph, and already planning a similar fate for Bob Whitton’s son, Dan.
So Dan Whitton strapped on his guns and headed for the wild Cimarron country where his father had spent so much time, hunted by his enemies. Those who were still alive would soon be hunting Dan Whitton.
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DEATH: A Mildly Amusing Play for Atheists and Agnostics, by Richard Cubitt
Death, the renowned spectre of mortality, is suffering through a crisis. Feeling ensnared and unable to reconcile God’s divine plan with his own sense of morality, he meets with the Archangel Michael in a cloud above Sinai to discuss his predicament. Encountering a mad evangelist, a foul-mouthed oracle, a Klingon-speaking demon, and some of the most notorious villains in history, Death tries his utmost to resolve his doubts. But will he be able to achieve his goal without incurring the wrath of God?

Set in the present day, Death: A Mildly Amusing Play for Atheists and Agnostics, is a darkly comedic story that muses on Christian mythology and the power of storytelling. It assumes that John Milton’s Paradise Lost is the true ...
USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil India Mexico
You're Strong Enough : A Quest To Discover Who You Really Are, by Kassi Pontious

A Quest to Discover Who You Really Are

Are you lost and confused about the purpose of life and who you are?

In You're Strong Enough you will discover who you are, why you are here, where you came from and what happens after this Earthly life. You're Strong Enough takes teenage and young adult readers on a self-discovery quest..
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