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"Morehouse Farm Critter Knits," by Margrit Lohrer

Free for 3-days only - this book is full of knitting ideas for scarves, hats and mittens. Get ready for the brrrrisk fall weather!

Morehouse Farm Critter Knits: 20 Easy Patterns & Designs for Animal Scarves, Hats & Mittens, by Margrit Lohrer
Price: $9.99 free (save 100%)
4.8-star rating from 38 reviews

"Perhaps the most delightful knitting book ever! - Jane Alter

Buy this and you'll have a ready-made gift guide! - Fiona Canavan

"It's patterns like those in Morehouse Farm's first e-book collection that have earned me my 5-year-old grandson's declaration, "...and she's the best knitter we know!" - Grammy Deb

It's the kind of pattern book that I can knit my way through and enjoy it all. Love it, love it, love it!!!! - Diane Tetreault

Outstanding deal for wonderful patterns. I absolutely love that the patterns use easy techniques with such creative, fun results. - AJ Hacker

A collection of easy-to-knit Critter Accessories
for animal lovers of all ages

Turn your knitting activity into a fun-filled adventure with Morehouse Farm Critter Knits. From lobster-shaped mittens with moveable claws to a smoke-puffing dragon scarf with spikes, knitting critters is pure enjoyment.

In this Collection you’ll discover scarves, hats, mittens and more, masquerading as wooly zoo critters with floppy ears, wiggling tails and googly-eyed faces.

All you need are basic knitting skills and a few skeins of colorful yarn. Step-by-step instructions are written in easy-to-understand English without the usual knitting abbreviations or cryptic symbols. Plenty of tips are included to add a little extra flair, flourish and swagger to your creation and make it uniquely yours.

Morehouse Farm Critter Knits make wonderful gifts: they are one-of-a-kind, totally unique, absolutely loveable, completely practical and functional and enjoyed by young and old.

The critters you’ll encounter in this volume are:

  • Caterpillar Scarf

  • Kissing Fish Mittens

  • Gecko Scarf

  • Bear Paw Mittens with Honey-Dunked Scarf

  • Critter Scarves (Fox, Raccoon & Cat)

  • Dragon Scarf

  • Dragon Hat

  • Dragon LegWarmers

  • Panda Scarf

  • Snake Scarf and matching Cap

  • CatWrap

  • Owl Purse

  • Alligator Scarf (regular and mini-sized)

  • Gator Mitts

  • Loon BackPack

  • Lobster Claw Mittens

  • Lobster Tail Scarf

  • Pony Tail Hat

  • RatRace Scarf

  • Rooster Hat

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Meet the Author

Knitting and animals have always played big roles in Margrit's life. Her mother taught her to knit when she was 3 years old. At age 10, Margrit decided she wanted to be a zoo warden when she grew up. That didn't quite happen. She moved to New York City and became a graphic designer instead.

In 1977 she and her husband, Albrecht Pichler, bought a farm in the Hudson River Valley in New York State, and stocked it with a collection of animals: cats, dogs, ducks, chickens, peacocks and a flock of fine-wool Merino sheep. In 1983 the couple established MOREHOUSE FARM MERINO, a Merino sheep farm and yarn company. With an abundant supply of fabulously soft yarn tempting her, knitting became Margrit's new passion. And creating Critter Knits was the next logical step in her career as a designer. And for the past 30 years, Margrit has been the principal designer behind Morehouse Farm's popular KnitKits and Critter Designs.

Morehouse Farm's unique contribution to America's Merino sheep industry has been recognized by the New York Times, Forbes Magazine, the American Sheep Industry Association, and major TV stations across the country. And publications such as Martha Stewart Living, Victoria Magazine, Country Living, among many others, have written about Morehouse Farm Merino Wool.

"There are places in this world that feel magical. Morehouse Farm is one of them...Some of the magic at Morehouse Farm can be explained by the efforts of two of the most dedicated, hardworking, and stupendously creative people I have ever met: Margrit Lohrer and Albrecht Pichler, the farm proprietors."

Melanie Falick, "Knitting in America"

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