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"Me and My Manny," by M.A. MacAfee

Enjoy this satisfying and fun read that was Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel quarter finalist in 2009!

Me and My Manny, by M.A. MacAfee
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243 pages, with a 3.7-star rating from 6 reviews

"I enjoyed Judy Mason's fun-filled escapades with Wolfgang Kin (the manikin) and the involvement of those around her. People that didn't know her thought she was loony. Her girlfriends all wanted a Manny of their own. And the husbands felt threatened by the comical replica of Harry. The real fun begins when Harry returns from his tour of duty and lets Judy know that his replacement is no longer needed. Except by then, she's grown attached to the dummy that seems to have taken on a life of its own. Now Harry fears the dummy is out to take him over. Me and My Manny was a great read; fun, fast, and easy." -- Amazon reviewer

What kind of woman would commission a doll maker to create a wooden life-size replica of her absent husband? A lonely, albeit quirky woman, for sure!

But, can a dummy actually substitute for Judy Mason's Navy husband away at sea? The ways are countless, until the stand-in appears to take on a life of his own—a threat to husband Harry when he returns from duty, to say the least! Join Judy, the lonely unemployed housewife, as she and Wolfgang, the life-size replica of the handsome Harry, through fun-filled escapades, encounter a series of comical and sometimes dark blunders. Memorable are the calamities that include Judy's ill-conceived exorcism on the dummy doppelgänger since Harry has convinced her that Wolfgang is indeed out to take him over.

Meanwhile, Judy's girlfriends are supportive, even envious of her new companion, but their husbands become increasingly suspicious of the newcomer. It seems the strange goings on around the Whitehall apartment building in their Seattle neighborhood began the day Wolfgang arrived in a special-delivery crate. Comedy, romance, and a tad of horror help Judy and Harry cope with the replica and get their marriage back on track for a happy ending.

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Meet the Author

M.A. MacAfee is the pseudonym for an award-winning mother-daughter writing team. They craft comedy incorporated with romance, drama, and even the macabre. Mother holds a degree in sociology from UCLA and has worked as a researcher over the years while honing the craft of fiction. Daughter is a financial executive with a credential in literary fiction writing from the University of Washington. They have published three novels and two are pending publication.

Please visit their website at to view awards and additional works.

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