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"The Sensory Deception," by Ransom Stephens

The Sensory Deception, by Ransom Stephens

“As with his debut, The God Patent, Ransom Stephens swings for the fences with The Sensory Deception—and he hits another home run, somehow managing to incorporate virtual reality, Somali pirates, the plight of sperm whales and the deforestation of the Amazon into a thrilling and unique story of romance and adventure.” —Robert Kroese, author of Mercury Rises 

“Ransom Stephens amps up the tension with his realistic portrayal of virtual reality. A rollercoaster of a ride using the relationship between the senses and the mind, Stephens builds a story with unrelenting momentum.” —Robin Burcell, bestselling author of The Black List

“I can’t believe I ate a seal. And really enjoyed it.”
Moments after venture capitalist Gloria Baradaran experiences what it’s like to be a polar bear—really be a polar bear—she knows she’s found something revolutionary. Farley Rutherford and his team—migraine-tortured neurologist “Chopper” Vittori and über-geek engineer Ringo Hayes—have created sensory saturation, a virtual reality system that drops users into the psyches of endangered animals as they fight for survival, and they believe the profound experience could turn the indifferent masses into avid environmentalists.
Ringo’s hardware is ready to go, but the pressures to get the system off the ground are immense. The money-men want more bang for their buck, and that includes bigger, more dangerous animals, and—more than anything—the ability to turn the machines into profitable games. But to Farely and his team, this is anything but a game. To some, in fact, this is a cause they’d kill for…
The Sensory Deception is a mind-blowing, globe-trotting ride that will take readers from cut-throat Silicon Valley boardrooms to the pirate ships off the Somali coast to the devastated rain forests of the Amazon all to ask the question: What is a human life worth compared to that of an entire planet?

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Meet the Author

I am Ransom Stephens. In my novels, I try to put intriguing characters in a good story built on a scientific premise. As you can see from the reviews, people really seem to like my first novel, The God Patent. My second novel, The Sensory Deception, comes out in August 2013.

The God Patent is built on quantum physics and The Sensory Deception is built on the relationship between the senses and the mind.

My books are shelved in science fiction, but my science is accurate, cutting edge, and I work hard to make it accessible and fascinating without taking up so many pages that it slows down the story. I like the kind of novels that make you feel like you've been survived something with the characters so that when you put down the book you feel exhilarated, maybe a bit exhausted, but kind of pumped, too, you know?

My professional background is in particle physics research and technology development. As a particle physicist, I got to participate in a few cool discoveries: a new type of matter, the R(1525), a particle formed in the fusion of two photons--not a big deal, the sort of thing that interested about 30 people--and, along with a thousand other physicists at Fermilab, collaborated on the discovery of the top quark. In high tech, I got to lead a team of engineers in solving a tough timing noise problem that enabled the development of high speed technology that's still emerging--the sort of thing that made a handful of executives a ton of money (I still drive a Civic). Through that, what I really did was write tons of software, spend a great deal of time trying to find weak signals hidden in strong backgrounds, wrote and presented lots of papers, and got to travel to places like Vietnam and Russia.

Right now, I'm working on a series, The Time Prisoner, which is about a schizophrenic physicist who believes that the voices he hears are his own voice speaking from his future(s). I'm also on deadline for a nonfiction neuroscience book that focuses on distinctions and similarities in topics like talent & skill, discovery & creativity, intelligence & intuition, and so on. The working title is The Left Brain Speaks but the Right Brain Laughs.

I write for electronics trade magazines, including plenty of popular science--the Higgs boson, gravity waves, radiation, philosophy of science, ... You can find links to my science articles at

Thank you for reading my work and, if you have a chance, for reviewing it. I've learned a lot from my reader reviews, for example, my writing seems to do a good job disappearing behind the characters and story: readers can't seem to decipher my personal political and religious beliefs (or lack thereof). You're welcome to guess, and if you ask (ransom [at], I'll tell you, but please don't blame me for what my characters say and do, if I had better control of them, none of this would have happened.

Thank you, Ransom.

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