Friday, August 30, 2013

Discover the "Targon Tales" series!

Today only! The first book in the Chris Reher's Targon Tales series is free. Pick up your copy at the link below, and fly away into this series today!

The Catalyst (Targon Tales), by Chris Reher

"This was a fantastic start to Chris Reher's series. It is action packed, fast paced, and full of zest for life. This prequel fills in history that her first book in the series "Only Human" alludes to, in a rich and satisfying manner. It is shorter, but in no way less stout in terms of quality. I am a large fan of science fiction and fantasy and this certainly delivers it in spades. Technology, aliens, galaxies, plots, and human interest. It's in there!" -- Amazon reviewer

By the author of Only Human and Rebel Alliances
Lieutenant Nova Whiteside, on an apparently routine assignment aboard an interstellar transport, finds herself the target of an assassination attempt. Her escape leaves her with no option but to rely on Seth, a former lover, for help.

Unfortunately, she realizes that they are now on opposite sides of an escalating war between the Commonwealth Union of Planets and an increasingly dangerous rebel organization.

In trying to find who is threatening her life, they discover a plot to destroy a distant planet - a world inhabited by creatures that are the key to Nova's survival - and a conspiracy that threatens the stability of the Union Commonwealth.

Can Nova go beyond her strict military training to cooperate with people whom she is sworn to destroy'

Although the Targon Tales are numbered chronologically, each book is a complete adventure. The volumes describe common themes, settings and characters but can be read in any order. For previews and excerpts for them all, please visit

"The characterizations are solid, the writing is crisp and fluid, and all of the questions posed within the story are answered. Reher is a great storyteller, and you know they know this from the confidence exhibited in the book."

"What a fascinating imagination Chris Reher has! ... descriptions of all the other worldly beings was a fun mind exercise along with rather exciting adventures. Read it! It is worth the time!"

Get the first book in this series!

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Meet the Author

Living in Canada, it is inevitable that those who lack enthusiasm for snow-related activities tend to stay indoors for a good portion of the year.

Thank goodness for computers. And sci-fi. And eBooks!

I've always loved fantasy worlds and writing about what might be possible, given a certain suspension of disbelief and a rude assault upon the laws of physics.

Since I've always suspected that there is far too much gravity on this planet, I tend to take my people to other worlds.

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