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Bargain Kindle books and boxsets! (Sunday Aug 25)

THE PERFECT TEN (Boxed Set), by Dianna Love. (Still 0.99?)

"Best book set ever! Every single book was amazing! They were very different, and that is one of the reasons why they make such a great set of books. I don't think they could have chosen a better collection, therefore "The Perfect 10" is the perfect name! They will introduce you to new worlds and series that you will want to learn more about! I think my "To-Be-Read" pile has grown by at least 15 books after reading this set, but that's okay because they are sure to be just as awesome as these 10 were." -- Amazon reviewer

**Boxed Set - 10 BOOKS ON SALE for 99c for LIMITED TIME!!**
TEN Full-length novels: Explosive suspense, powerful romance and loads of fun by 10 bestsellers!

LAST CHANCE TO RUN - Sexy, heart-stopping romantic suspense
New York Times bestseller Dianna Love
"Engrossing, thrilling and wonderfully steamy...a pitch-perfect suspense that will keep readers breathless..." The Romance Reviews

THE LAIRD - Time travel romance set in Scotland
USA Today bestseller, Sandy Blair
“Heartwarming historical romance at its best.”
~New York Times Bestselling author, Janet Chapman

DEADLY PURSUIT - A hot romantic thriller
USA Today bestseller Misty Evans
"...a fast paced, action-filled romantic suspense..." ~ So Many Reads

DOG COLLAR CRIME - A fun mystery for romance lovers
USA Today bestseller Adrienne Giordano
"… hits a home run once again with a fun mystery you can't put down." New York Times bestseller Dianna Love

INVISIBLE MAGIC - Sexy Urban Fantasy
Amazon bestseller Mary Buckham
“Not since Kate Daniels and Mercy Thompson have I fallen in love with a female character like I have with Alex Noziak.” ~ Quiana at Urban Girl Reader

DEADLY RELATIONS - Non-stop suspense and toe-curling passion
Amazon Bestseller Alexa Grace
“…high-voltage, fraught-with-danger, vicarious experience that is super-charged with breathtaking love.” The Romance Reviews

A CHARMING CRIME - Bringing Magical Fiction To Life
Amazon Top 100 Bestseller Tonya Kappes
"Tonya Kappes' A Magical Cure Series, charmed me until the end!"
~ Cozy Mystery Book Reviews

OUT OF FOCUS - Small town suspense
Amazon bestseller Nancy Naigle
"Encompasses love and loss to the depths of your heart..."
~ Amazon Reviewer

THE MERZETTI EFFECT - Pulse-pounding paranormal romance
Amazon bestseller Norah Wilson
"Be prepared to be riveted. The Merzetti Effect is a gripping, exhilarating read that carries you along at an electrifying pace until the very last page." --Julianne MacLean, USA Today Bestselling Author

TIME TRAP - Epic sci-fi/fantasy young adult
Amazon bestseller Micah Caida
“…totally captivated by every scene in the first book…The imagination of Micah Caida takes the reader on an exhilarating journey…originality at its best." Amelia Richards,

pages, with a 5-star rating from 8 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

Kaitlyn Wolfe: Crown Attorney, by Jacqui Morrison. (Still 0.99?)

"An intriguing, well-written Canadian legal thriller! The story line purposely uses coincidence to test the heroine's conflicting resolve as she must decide between a not color blind justice system and her personal values; additionally Jacqui Morrison takes a strong stance, at times overwhelmingly in the reader's face, re the harm racism does to everyone. Fans will appreciate the heroic Kaitlyn Wolfe who constantly strives to overcome inequality and de facto racism to be the fairest Canadian crown attorney." -- Amazon #1 Hall of Fame reviewer

Teenager Kaitlyn Wolfe, of First Nations descent, almost died in a racially motivated drugging. To her dismay, the perpetrator only received probation. However, Kaitlyn overcomes this tragedy, as well as growing up without her father--a policeman killed in the line of duty--to graduate as a lawyer, then to become an Assistant Crown Attorney. Hired as a prosecutor, in Vaughan, Ontario, Kaitlyn faces off with defense attorney Maxine Swayman over two related cases: one a murder and the second a failed armed robbery. Her opponent is known as the "barracuda" and is the defense attorney who successfully defended the racist who nearly killed her. Sparks fly as Kaitlyn Wolfe and Maxine Swayman wrangle over cases in court. Avenging her father's murder is the farthest thing from her mind when Kaitlyn Wolfe is assigned the prosecution of the armed robbers. In court, Kaitlyn is suddenly interrogating the man who mercilessly murdered her dad. Will she rescue herself or send him to prison?

240 pages, with a 4-star rating from 1 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

Samson's Deal ( #1, The Jake Samson PI Series) (The Jake Samson Series), by Shelley Singer. (Still 1.99?)

"A treat! Samson's Deal is the real deal when it comes to the classic PI mystery genre. Can't believe I haven't stumbled across this engaging writer, Shelly Singer, before. Not being a writer myself, this review won't do the book justice but I hope it will get you to do yourself a favor and give it a try. Samson and I came of age during the same hippiish era and the current action takes place in the Berkeley-Oaklandish area that are my old stomping grounds and Singer got the people, the places, the color, and feel perfectly." -- Amazon reviewer

Samson's Deal is the FIRST novel in the Jake Samson mystery series by award-winning author Shelley Singer.

" of the nicer guys in the private eye business, who operates in a relaxed, casual style without need for macho posturing." -Washington Post

“Great bar scenes, a wonderfully wry narrative, and the obvious nonsexual affection between Jake and Rosie will have readers clamoring for more.” -Library Journal

"Singer has a good ear for dialogue among the witless…It's fun to watch [Jake and Rosie] the two old friends work together, and the bad guys eventually get their satisfying comeuppance, after an interesting plot twist that keeps things hopping till the very end." —San Francisco Bay Guardian

Murder, politics, and strange bedfellows…

Ex-Chicago-cop Jake Samson is tired of the rat race. He's living in laid back Oakland, California with a couple of cats and just enough savings to eat canned oysters and accept collect calls from his bemused parents, when an old friend--a progressive political science processor--calls with an enticing offer. Seems the professor's wife was found dead in the backyard of their Berkeley home, and he wants to pay Jake ten thousand dollars (plus expenses) to figure out whodunit.

The police pick up the usual leads; jealousy, dirty politics, and an estate worth killing for. Naturally, since the professor is the dead woman's spouse, he's the primary suspect. Samson doesn't like the guy much, but the case heats up—quite literally--when the professor's office is set afire by a radical right wing activist group, of which, it turns out, the wife was a member.

With his sidekick Rosie, and her justice-dispensing two-by-four, Samson follows a twisted trail leads through the Bay Area's bizarre cultural labyrinth; from pop meditation ashrams to neo-Nazi rallies, to the startling, but all too human truth.

“A fast-paced and often frightening look at the insidious attraction of the extreme right. Even though most of those drawn to the group may be on the lower end of any IQ chart, their sense of dedication to the mistaken idea that they possess a genetic and racial superiority is enough to make them very dangerous. This Shelley Singer novel is recommended.” -Bookbrowser

Shelley Singer is the author of ten mysteries, two science fiction novels, one mainstream fiction, and many short stories.

184 pages, with a 5-star rating from 3 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

Smart Cooking for Busy People: How to Make Healthy and Tasty Full Meals in 30 Minutes, by Alexandra Beck. (Still 3.49?)

"As the author says, there's no `big secret' to her cooking method, but I did wonder while I was reading why I didn't think of this myself... This book is not a classical recipe book or a diet book. It's a bit of both, but above all, it's a very well documented and clear step-by-step guide on how to optimize your cooking if you are in a hurry but still want to eat well. What is more, I enjoyed the writing style and sense of humor of the author." -- Amazon reviewer

Cooking healthy and tasty meals has never been easier - or faster!
Praise for "Smart Cooking for Busy People"
"A great book for anyone wanting to eat better, but not spend all day in the kitchen."
-- Amazon review by Danielle Marie
"Helpfully laid out in four easy to read sections, the author takes you through everything you need to know to be able to create healthy and tasty meals in thirty minutes."
--Amazon review by Jaye Richards-Hill
"The recipes are easy to follow. It is not a guide for wanna be Cordon Bleu chefs, rather it is aimed at busy people who need straightforward yet tasty meals that can be prepared in a minimum of time."
-- Amazon review by Book Lover 100

˃˃˃ A good weeknight dinner is healthy and tasty. A GREAT weeknight dinner is healthy, tasty and QUICKLY MADE
Do you resent weeknight cooking because it depletes too much of your scarce down time? Do you think of it as a drudgery that must be endured for health’s and wallet’s sake?
Now imagine there was a way to cook dinner in 30 minutes - and still make healthy meals that your family will love. Imagine what it would be like to never worry about what to make for dinner, because you'll know you can generate a great idea for a meal at any time and execute it on the go!
"Smart Cooking for Busy People" will turn that imagined world into your reality by helping you cook better and faster, in only 3 clever tricks and 11 easy steps. (And when you cook smarter, you’ll be able to dedicate a much bigger part of your weeknights to other more important - or fun - pursuits).
"Smart Cooking for Busy People" will arm you with crucial knowledge and an assortment of detailed recipes and directions for healthy fast meals.

˃˃˃ Whether you are an omnivore, vegetarian, low-carber or a paleo adept, you’ll find in this book multi-course quick meals including:
- appetizers such as bruschetta, tomato soup and Greek salad,
- main dishes such as baked salmon, roasted tofu with green beans and chicken stir fry,
- healthy sides dishes, such as buckwheat, quinoa and steamed potatoes, and
- a few yummy low-calorie desserts.
All health and nutrition information in this book is grounded in recent studies on the effects of different foods on health, referenced and annotated for your convenience at the end of the book.
To sum up, if you enjoy good food (think Mediterranean diet meets healthy Asian cuisines), and if you like the idea of preparing it super fast, then check out this cookbook for busy people!

134 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 61 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

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