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"The Fourth Crusade," by Mark Butler

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The Fourth Crusade (The Crusades), by Mark Butler

"I found this book very interesting and certainly one that engaged my attention. Its story was set during the Fourth Crusades (early 1200's) and was very informative. Enough so, that I shall do further research to better understand that time period. This book's backdrop provided the reader a probe and insight into what motivates man to violence. What motivates him to commit certain acts that he would not otherwise? Does God pick sides? Can He pick sides? Was the quest of the Crusades a morally proper one to begin with? Is death committed by Christian to Christian unacceptable and death by the hand of a Christian of a Muslim acceptable? Mark Butler's book is much more than what appears at first read. It is a serious historical fiction novel that I am happy to have been given the chance to read. I shall probably read it again to ponder the questions and possible answers that are found within its cover." -- Amazon reviewer

The year is 1202 and the Catholic Church rules the hearts and minds of all Europeans. The leader of the Church, Pope Innocent III, issues a summons to every able bodied man and boy: Take up arms and reclaim Jerusalem from the Muslims. The un-civilized world has been called to wage holy war.
In the streets of Barcelona, Spain, Rayjo de Merafiza is celebrated as a hero of the Third Crusade. His name is known throughout the land. But the peaceful life has never been Rayjo's purpose, and now he must join the Fourth Crusade. His two adolescent sons are also deemed fit for service and they follow their father to war.
Ruggiero is Rayjo's teenage son and his quiet, passive nature puts him on the path to Catholic priesthood. In seminary, Ruggiero is confronted with the horrors of religious fanaticism disguised as holy providence. When he joins his father, his pious teachings are put to the ultimate test.
Juan is Rayjo's younger son and is endowed with his father's violent, unrestrained temper.
As the armies of Christianity gather for the greatest war of their lives, a few powerful men and unfortunate circumstances turn the Europeans away from their intended target and onto Constantinople, the most unlikely of targets. The Orthodox Greeks are forced to furiously defend their homeland.
Set against the backdrop of Europe's tumultuous Dark Ages, Butler weaves the tragic tale of the Fourth Crusade. From the streets of Barcelona to the mighty battles in the East, readers will come to understand how the greatest army in the world assaulted the wrong nation. How Christians slaughtered Christians in the pursuit of money, power and perhaps most important of all...Legacy.

Special Note: Second edition released April 1, 2013.
The second edition addresses formatting and other issues present in the original version of this work.

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Mark Butler is an author from Texas. He served in the US Navy for four years, including a tour of duty as a combat medic in Iraq. Currently Mark works, attends school and spends his free time with his wife and children. Mark's other hobbies include: Basketball, Yoga, Muay Thai, competitive running and swimming. When he's not engaged in the activities listed above, Mark is an avid reader and writer.

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