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Book Discovery Day! (Friday Aug 9)

It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
The Vigilante, by Jacqui Morrison
It isn’t safe for men who work in the porn business in the city of Toronto.

When porn producer Sal Turbit is found dead in his apartment, no one seems to care. No one, that is, except Detective Lynette Wilton. Lynette has been a homicide detective for only three months, and has yet to earn her stripes.

Murder is murder no matter who the victim is—and Lynette is out to catch a killer.

Could the killer be Wanda Chambers, a mentally ill woman who hates the “scumbags” who prey on the vulnerable? Wanda’s beloved sister, Cathy, was one such woman. Cathy became a porn actress and then took her own life when her sleazy manager/boyfriend, Gil Lee, wouldn’t let her go.

Lynette’s sergeant d...
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True-Life Adventure (Paul Mcdonald mystery #1) (The Paul Mcdonald Series), by Julie Smith
“One more blithe San Fran outing with a likable journalist-sleuth by the name of Paul Mcdonald … Smith improves with each story and this is her best to date.” --Kirkus Reviews

A Prize Plot.” --San Francisco Examiner

“A bright, light, cleverly written tale.” --Cincinnati Post

He knows too much. But he doesn’t know what he knows…

Things were going lousy for ex-reporter Paul Mcdonald: No money, no girl friend, no bright new career as a mystery novelist…and then along came PI Jack Birnbaum with an offer. He’d detect, and Paul would write the client reports. It wasn’t much, but it would keep Spot the cat in Kitty Queen tidbits. And then...
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Dead Housewives of New Orleans: A Humorous Mystery (#2, The Paige Tourneur Missing Husband Series), by G.T. Herren
The SECOND delicious episode in the Paige Tourneur Missing Husband Series by Lambda-winner Greg (G.T.) Herren, author of the Chanse McLeod and Scotty Bradley series.

Snarky dialogue, a smart-mouthed female sleuth, and murder most malicious…

Someone’s killing the newly minted stars of Grandes Dames of New Orleans and reporter Paige Tourneur’s on the story. A great story too, except that someone’s gunning for Paige as well—someone tied to her extremely checkered past. Someone who knows way too much about her, and why she hasn't exactly come clean yet with Ryan the Perfect Man.

But despite the danger, Dead Housewives of New Orleans is one sassy, catty, wicked read! Author G...
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Vector: A Thriller in Paradise (The Thriller in Paradise Series), by Rob Swigart
VECTOR is the FIRST book in Rob Swigart’s Thriller in Paradise series.

"Entertaining!" -Best Sellers

"An intriguing blend of jungle action... and cliffhanger suspense." -San Francisco Chronicle

"A fast-paced novel with an exciting, climactic ending." -Peninsula Times Tribune


ONLY a tough scientist and a clever island cop can stop them from loosing it on an unsuspecting world.

Detective Cobb Takamura's idea of a busy night is a few drunken tourists and a jaywalker. That is, until the flood of kil...
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A Geek, an Angel & the Deceiver, by J. A. JACKSON
After losing her heart at sixteen, Eve Lafoy spent her life in a string of painful relationships. Now at twenty six, her life is comfortable without romance. No man is worth the effort.
In fact she is thriving and her life couldn’t be better.
But a surprise Sunday Brunch encounter with mysteriously handsome Malak Deville has Eve rethinking her thoughts as indifference changes into fascination and then into desire.
Malak Deville hides a secret. Yet, after his first time seeing Eve, he knew he enjoyed her company and she was just the woman he wanted to spend his life with.
Welcome to the wonderful world of Surreal Valley.
The land of Geeks, Angels and Paranormal Romance, better known as Silicon Valley Califor...
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Only Shot At A Good Tombstone, by Robert Mitchell
Two profane, illuminating, fantastic, pedestrian, humorously tragic days in the life of an anonymous, suburban young man in the city. For as long as there have been young people and cities, of course, the former have attempted to escape to the latter. As the story’s ornery, semi-omniscient co-narrator challenges in the opening passage, “You’re a goddamn fool if you expect anything new here.” There truly is “nothing new under the sun” and the world in which the young man finds himself is pre-programmed without a frontier, without a sense of urgency, without even the direction historically provided by our most basic human needs. When even the poorest among us are ten times wealthier than hundreds of millions of people on the other...
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Faceoff of the Heart, by Lana Voynich
At one time Rhianna Holmstead vowed to never date a hockey player.

Now, she’s torn between Detroit Red Wing star, Lukas Zaba, who she lives with, and New Jersey Devils newcomer, Cameron Walker, whom she dated in college. Both men love her and claim they’ll do anything to have her, yet they both have deal-breaking secrets.

Who will Rhianna end up with? Or will she revert to her college belief that hockey players are nothing but trouble? More than just her happiness rests on this decision....
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Everygnome's Guide to Paratechnology: Your Essential Resource to Surviving Explosions, Avoiding Mustache Tangles, Moving Beyond Basic Clockwork Devices, ... Advice for Adventurers Everywhere), by Joseph J. Bailey
Are you a Gnome?

Do you want to be one?

Do you know what one is?

Do you have magical, technical, or any other talent whatsoever?

Do you pine after a non-holographic Omnicron, make design sketches of transmorphic actionable multidimensional exo-robotic systems, create novel subroutines for synthetic intelligences, tinker with Dwarf-proof beard mowers, imagine a grand unified theory of life, the universe, and facial hair, or take apart and modify negentropy cannons for fun and amusement?

Do you like root vegetables?

If you answered yes to one of these questions 2, then you may have what it takes to be a Paratechnologist, a wondrous master of th...
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Love in the Broken-Bird World: Dreamer's Songs, by Anonymous
"A courageous, authentic, and irresistible little tome filled with Zen-like sayings from a higher consciousness that is sure to resonate with some and open the hearts of others. At times compelling, intriguing, and challenging, the pages of this unbridled work contain such gems as, 'God gave waves to make water talk' and, 'Peace is never letting people lose hope.' The author will have readers walking across a threshold into a land beyond our five physical senses, into, as the author receives, a 'land beyond dreams….'"

--Scott Bishop, author of A Soul's Calling


"Be accepting. Let it unfold.
Having a long dream..."

These short narratives, bits of...
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THE LIAR, by Niramisa Weiss
There is nothing to fear. Have you heard that said before?

We may hear it in spiritual circles or read it in religious texts. It is a very comforting thought and somehow rings true deep within. But usually we must take it on faith if we are to believe it.

Why is the world as it is? Why have we not been able to eradicate suffering? Why does genocide continue unabated after countless horrific events obliging us, each time, to promise we will never do it again? A promise never kept. Why is the future always like the past? Why are my relationships full of pain? These are the questions that all of us need answering and have not yet been adequately addressed.

The good news is that the answer is the same for all th...
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25 Perfect Days, by Mark Tullius
Will you follow The Way or be crushed by the Controllers?
A totalitarian state doesn't just happen overnight. It's a slow, dangerous slide. 25 Perfect Days chronicles the path into a hellish future of food shortages, contaminated water, sweeping incarceration, an ultra-radical religion, and the extreme measures taken to reduce the population. Through twenty-five interlinked stories, each written from a different character's point of view, 25 Perfect Days captures the sacrifice, courage, and love needed to survive and eventually overcome this dystopian nightmare.

"Move over The Hunger games and Divergent,Mark Tullius has done the impossible; hes produced a dystopian novel that teens and adults will both enjoy" - Jo
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Lady in Pearls - A Regency Romance, by Elizabeth Cole

Her secret became his seduction.

The aristocratic Nathan Bancroft draws upon his intelligence and social connections to solve the "problems" his clients can't admit they have. He has thwarted blackmail schemes, discovered lost secrets, and is the soul of discretion. So when he is hired to discover why Vanessa Phillips pays a hefty sum to a stranger every month, it's just another job.

But Vanessa is not just another woman. Armed with a sharp wit and a skeptical mind, she defies Nathan's attempts to uncover her secret. One thing she cannot deny is his allure as a man, and soon the Lady in Pearls, as she is known, finds herself dreaming of his kiss.

As N...
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Cake or Death, by Sarah Rielle
When Grace decided to enlist the help of her parents in leaving her abusive husband, she hadn’t realised she would be forbidden to change her mind.

Stranded in the Irish countryside of Kildare, recuperating, with only an overprotective hound for company, Grace did her best to deal with the awful news the hot doctor had delivered.

Hoping to just quietly waste away, she wasn’t expecting to reconnect with her family and discover unexpected, yet deeply healing friendships in her new surroundings. She had been so ashamed to bear her truth to people, but as it turned out, they all seemed to be dealing with issues of their own......
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The Gauntlet (A Thriller), by Jason Melby
Harvard Graduate, Zach Taylor, is now an unemployed financial consultant on the verge of bankruptcy. Then his pregnant wife is wrongly imprisoned.

Desperate for the $10,000 in bail money, Zach agrees to mule crack-cocaine but steals the money instead. His wife out of jail, Zach is running from the police who believe he killed one of their own, and from the drug dealer who's put an even higher price on his head.

One hope remains: A Vietnam Vet who reluctantly offers to help Zach and his wife escape.

OTHER TITLES by Jason Melby:
Enemy Among Us (Espionage thriller)
A Dangerous Affair (Romantic thriller)
Without A Trace... (Suspense novel)

Jason Melby's suspense n...
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Rejected: A Novel, by Isabella Jones
In her final battle to beat leukemia, Jay's recorvery depends if she has her final option a stem cell transplant. Her loving husband, Sam and father turn to all family members to try and track down Jay’s mother, Annette. Annette abandoned Jay when she was two months old for a life of fame and fortune. A private investigator tracks down Annette, after pleading for her to be tested she agrees, but the results are unknown to the family as she fleas to continue to seek a life of fame and fortune. She returns with a price to conduct the surgery - Sam has two choices to pay Annette or to comfort his wife in her final days.
A heart-warming story about one woman's fight against leukemia and hopes of being reunited with her mother....
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Love Yourself, Heal The World, by Annabelle Fogerty
Do you wonder why there are so many problems in the world? Do you wonder why you have so many problems in your life?

We are in a time of accelerated change. Each year brings a growing desire to understand our personal place in the changes that are taking place around us.

Are you tired of spiritual leaders, governments, and media telling you what you should be and how you should think?

The truth is that no one really knows your truth. The truth is... all the answers, success, love, and happiness can only be found in one place-- inside of you. You are your own master, guru, shaman, and priest. You have a direct link to the divine, and it has been inside of you all along.

The secret to finding pea...
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