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Discover "The Price Of Freedom" series!

Today we're featuring a well-developed epic fantasy that has earned strong reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Get into it today, while The Last King's Amulet, first in the series, is price reduced to $2.99!

The Last King's Amulet (The Price Of Freedom), by Chris Northern

"This first book hooked me and I've now read all that are currently available and hope for more. - Goodreads reviewer

The main character, Sumto, is more of an anti-hero than the bold figures usually depicted in fantasy novels, and his development throughout the book is both hilarious and tragic. - Goodreads reviewer

It's a great story too, with strong secondary characters and well developed setting. - Goodreads Reviewer

My name is Sumto, and everyone thinks I am a gambling, lazy, good-for-nothing drunk. Frankly, I think they have a point. Right now I may have to join the army and fight in a war I am frankly too corpulent to cope with.

Still, it looks like being a small, short war. So that's got to be as bad as things get. Am I right?

Trained in his youth for war and politics, Sumto is interested in neither. As the son of a Patron, he should gather clients, acquire wealth, learn magic, husband a political power base and take his place amongst the Assembly of Patrons, the rulers of the city. Sumto would rather gather friends, acquire books, learn history, husband a hangover and take his place at the gambling tables. That is not going to be an option for much longer.

Unknown to Sumto, everything is about to change. There is a war in the north and Sumto is about to become a very unwilling participant.

The first of four novels that follow the development of Sumto, a man unknowingly manipulated by someone determined to shape him for his own ends:

Book One: The Last King's Amulet
Book Two: The Key To The Grave
Book Three: The Invisible Hand
Book Four: All The King's Bastards

The four novels may be considered as one long novel.

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Meet the Author

Chris Northern is European, a traveler by inclination, and an electrical engineer by education.

He is often to be found eying the horizon; shortly thereafter, he is often found to be gone.

Chris Northern writes Fantasy and Science Fiction.

The Price of Freedom (quartet of fantasy novels)

The Last King's Amulet
The Key To The Grave
The Invisible Hand
All The King's Bastards

Dancing with Darwin (A collection of related Science Fiction stories)

Rapture Ready
Headed Home
Evolving Environment
Dangerous Delusions

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