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"Kingmaker," by Christian Cantrell

Kingmaker, by Christian Cantrell

"This is a quirky book, but oh so very fun! This is a unique book...the organization leaves the reader wondering what is going on but it all comes together at the end in a satisfying manner. Some of the future sci is just plausible enough that the reader can relate but not so plausible as to be boring or expected. A few observations were actually rather profound if you let them sink in a bit. I had the feeling the author was actually attempting to behave the like character in the book itself by leaving traces of information and tips scattered around. All in all, totally fun!" -- Amazon reviewer

I build levers to move objects that appear to be immovable.
Alexei Drovosek represents the next evolution of human: no heart, immunity to cancer, and the uncanny ability to survive in conditions that would kill normal men. As an orphan growing up in post-Soviet Russia, Alexei was taken in by the state and trained as its most vicious and effective killer. But eventually the Russian Federal Security Service’s best-trained assassin did the most dangerous thing of all: he turned on his handlers, went rogue, and disappeared.
In the bleak, high-tech near future, Alexei has resurfaced in a secret compound on the outskirts of Los Angeles, a city where autonomous-drive vehicles race along the highways and independent city-states operate with materialistic impunity. In the center of it all is the soaring headquarters of Pearl Knight Industries, an international mega-corporation that keeps war machines and cultural capitalism running in every country and on every continent on the planet. As a principal proponent of the 31st Amendment to the United States constitution, which legalized the transfer of suffrage from citizens to corporations, Pearl Knight has power that is truly above the law.
Alexei lives a clandestine existence where his closest companions are his personal AI, Emma, and a group of orphans he has spent years amassing and training. But Alexei isn’t fostering these children as a favor to the state; he’s raising them with the hope that they will destroy it. As he moves each child into play in the world’s highest-stakes game of chess that spans decades and continents, Alexei fights to destroy the plutocratic control of those in power and restore what matters to him most: democracy and freedom.

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Christian Cantrell is a science fiction writer and software developer living in Northern Virginia. You can find him on Twitter (@cantrell) or Google+ (christian.cantrell).

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