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"The Raven," a Jane Harper horror novel from Jeremy Bishop

The Raven (A Jane Harper Horror Novel), by Jeremy Bishop

"The Raven offers up excellent horror action in a story that sounds kind of ridiculous at first but had me hooked pretty much from the first chapter. I did not read The Sentinel, the first Jane Harper horror novel, but I had little trouble coming up to speed with a story that involves ancient Viking lore, nautical adventure, and yes, zombie whales. Jane Harper is my new favorite heroine, providing a strong voice to a story that's full of a surprising amount of humor and genuine emotion. Jane exhibits that perfect balance between kick butt independence and human vulnerability that makes her character one that you quickly become invested in and find yourself rooting for throughout some real nightmare inducing moments. To say that The Raven is fast paced would be an understatement. This novel is filled with extremely well written, cinematic action scenes that just never let up. I would cringe from seeing some of the author's creations on the big screen however, as I feel that it would be almost too much. Reading vivid descriptions of white worms that burrow into their victims left me anxious, breathless, and riveted to the page. Deliciously gruesome and exciting... don't miss this one". -- Amazon reviewer

A battle to the death with six-hundred-year-old zombie Vikings in the frozen far North was just the beginning...

Undercover activist Jane Harper and father-and-son whalers Jakob and Willem Olavson thought they sent the walking corpses to their graves for good, but the intelligent parasites controlling the dead flesh lived on to keep fighting, and infecting.

Now Jane's Nordic allies and a motley crew of mates are shoving off on a new monster-killing ship to take the battle to the insidious creatures before they infect the world. This time, though, they're up against more than just a handful of ancient zombies on an isolated island. Even if Jane and her crew can conquer an army of the swimming dead—murderous and cunning zombie whales—they'll still face a floating graveyard of ghost ships packed stem to stern with the next wave of the ravenous undead...who are hungry to settle the score with the last hope of humankind.

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Meet the Author

JEREMY BISHOP has, by all outward appearances, lived a normal life. He grew up in a nice home, in a friendly seaside town. But, as is often, the pleasant facade seen at first glance conceals a darker side. Throughout childhood and early teen years he encountered malevolent entities that whisked in and out of rooms, moved furniture and haunted his dreams.

At second glance, the seaside town was only miles from where the puritans tortured innocent women and hung them as witches, a history and culture that permeated the area. A closer inspection of the nice house revealed past evils of previous owners--bullet holes in windows and a five foot square, red, white and black Swastika painted on the basement wall--a basement that terrified Bishop and his two brothers, even as adults.

He processed these encounters through drawings of monsters and devils, expunging horrible images from his mind. As an adult, he continues to expel the monsters of his childhood through his novels, the first of which, TORMENT, is based on a dream. Enter the mind of Jeremy Bishop if you dare. Share his nightmares. Experience the fear that shaped his life. You may never be the same.

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