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Book Discovery Day! (Friday Aug 16)

It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Euthanasia, by Mack Mulluncey
She lies on the cold, metal table--clad in a loose, white paper dress--waiting, waiting, waiting, as her lover claims his next victim.

When Alex left the clinic that day, she thought she could move on from the rape that left her pregnant and the agonizing decision to have an abortion. That is, until the child she thought she left behind contacts her. Terrorized by mysterious phone calls and guilt, Alex feels her sanity slipping away as she becomes convinced that she must find the man who brutalized her to make a family for her dead daughter.

Anti-abortion crusader Tobin Bartell wouldn't have it any other way. As The Leader of The Movement, when he's not organizing protests or giving speeches, he's orchest...
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eBooks and Tree Books; How to Sell Them, by Darin Jewell
Most of the tips and process in this guide are used on a daily basis by successful authors and publishers. Because of the internet, we are in a position to reach and touch millions of readers across the globe and if you can grasp the basics and use them regularly then you will sell your books. Marketing is a relentless but essential part of publishing. To be successful, you need to set aside time every working day to update your profile, assess reviews, social network and monitor sales and promotions. This book explains in detail how to do so....
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Divine Eternity, by Violet Winters
Once upon a time I was a teenage misfit negotiating my way through the brutal world known as high school. Suddenly, I inherited supernatural powers that changed my entire life. With my newly acquired badass elemental gifts I managed to gain the interest of not one... but two really cute boys. Then I discovered that my supernatural endowments came with a wrecking ball, pity party creating catch. Unbeknownst to me, I learned that I was one of ten Chosen Ancient teens destined to battle to the death for control of the future of all existence. No pressure there... you think? As if Eternity High School wasn't already bad enough... I soon realized that my campus was filled with fellow students whose aspirations revolved solely around killing me. ...
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Passionate Spirits, by Violet Winters
Two broken spirits drift aimlessly through a sea of sorrow both suffering past mistakes and endless regrets. Newly divorced Claire Lancaster is devastated after losing custody of her daughter Zoey and struggles to find the key to regaining her life. Paul Winters, drowning in the abyss of having lost both wife and daughter to tragedy, has surrendered all hope. However, there are two loving spirits, determined to mend the shattered heart of the father/husband they left behind. These Passionate Spirits refuse to ascend beyond the physical realm until the Bumble Bee mansion is filled with love again....
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ECHO'S Revenge: A Young Adult Science Fiction Thriller, by Sean Austin
ECHO’s Revenge
A Young Adult Science Fiction Thriller

Winner of the 2012 Parent’s Choice Award!

“Compelling reading for the tween male gamer demographic…about a young boy who finds adventure, courage and teamwork away from the computer screen.”
-- Breitbart Reviews

The entire gaming community is in awe of fourteen-year-old Reggie who can take just minutes to destroy the bloodthirsty monster, ECHO-6, in the bestselling video game, ECHO’S Revenge. Reggie can’t wait to test himself against the game’s new and improved monster.

But there’s a glitch in the new release. The manufacturer releases a live version of the monster into the real world and now...
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Red Skies, by June Shaw
"Red skies in the morning, sailor, take warning. Red skies at night, sailors delight."

Outdoorsman Sam Halson’s life has little meaning ever since his wife died and their estranged son left south Louisiana and moved overseas. Discovering his son fathered a boy, Sam gains new purpose—to see the only grandchild he’ll ever have. But his uncompromising son thwarts every attempt.

To keep in touch with the growing child, Sam and the boy exchange letters that Sam and his daughter-in-law write. While Sam makes every effort to see the boy, exciting newcomer Grace Owens forces him to deal with the pleasures and guilt of new love. She and the boy’s mother become the strong women who strive to get their men to overcome p...
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Auto (Auto Series), by David Wailing

In 2022, everyone uses an auto. This sophisticated ‘super-app’ is a digital personal assistant which acts on your behalf. It knows your personality and habits – and mimics them. It learns from your behaviour – and copies you.

Your whole life, set to automatic. How would you manage without it?

Digital detective Joanna O’Donnell has heard stories about autos going wrong, twisting people's lives inside out. She doesn’t believe it. Until it happens to her.

Unable to trust her own agency, Joanna secretly investigates and discovers these incidents may be part of a bigger, more terrifying story.

Michael Walker – the man who invented the auto, and public en...
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Loud Evolution, by Goran Racic
Thomas Loud is an everyday person - he thinks he knows what is wrong with the world and how to fix it, but never does anything. He thinks he knows what is wrong with society and has a vague idea of who to blame, but leaves it all for tomorrow. He thinks he knows about a lot of things, but the truth is, he doesn't.
But one day, that all changes when a very, very stupid idea gets Thomas thrown amidst a shadowy organization that doesn't want to rule the world. Quite opposite, the organization wants to save it. And they will soon teach Thomas that sometimes good genes aren't in good people....
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Reaper's Run (Plague Wars), by David VanDyke
When US Marine Sergeant Jill Repeth's blown-off legs begin to regenerate, she thinks it's a medical miracle. But the breakthrough that heals her war injuries is exactly what the government desperately wants to hide - by any means necessary. Hunted, she must cross an America wracked by strife, to try to find a family who may already be dead.

Reaper's Run is an origins story and apocalyptic thriller, the beginning of one warrior's journey from tactical cop to freedom fighter and beyond. It leads the reader into the acclaimed Plague Wars series.

This book contains a bonus post-apocalyptic novella by prolific author Ryan King.

The Plague Wars Series:
- The Eden Plague
- Reaper's Run
- The Demon P...
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Killgrace and the Singular Situation, by C Price
Solar winds and steel chains are a difficult way to rescue a creature the size of a planet from the grip of a black hole. When the creatures in difficulty are something neither Susan or Cet have seen before, staying uninvolved is not an option. Gravity and relativity are not the only problems they face: there's also getting the would-be rescuers to work together.

A science-fiction novella.

The Killgrace series: Two scientists, one purely alien, one advanced humanoid, trapped on Earth in the past. Their only way home is the long way, living it straight without disturbing events too much, but the world they came from was at war - and they weren't on the same side....
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States Of Grace, by Jason Wellnitz
Austin Trenton walks out of prison today. Eighteen months ago he was framed and still has no idea why. Before “the incident” he was a pastor; now he has nothing. Except the letter. A letter from his Grandfather hidden in a book. A letter that lays out an epic project that will take Austin to each of the fifty states. A project that begins today.

This ebook is the introduction to the States Of Grace series: short novels set in each of the fifty U.S. states. Help determine the first state Austin will visit at or Help shape what this series will become!

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The Man in Space (Of Babies, Manhood and Other Terrifying Things), by Steven Hardesty
Here's the tale of Oz who finds himself with child, meaning his wife does (find herself with child), and poor Oz is desperately unprepared, unwilling, terrified and scrambling to escape into some other life, any other life on any other planet, to avoid, well, becoming a father. Then one day he does, become a father, that is. And Oz discovers in himself something surprising. He discovers love....
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Reckless Rescue (a barren planet romance), by Rinelle Grey
What would you risk for love?

Marlee's people are dying—the valuable anysogen gas that covers their planet is making the entire population infertile. When the council tells her she must leave her partner and choose another to improve her chances of having a baby, she’s devastated. She swears she’ll never love again—it hurts too much.

Tyris thinks he has everything he wants, despite his world suffering from overpopulation—until his wife leaves him because he is forbidden to have children.

In an attempt to convince his world, and his wife, that he’s worthwhile, Tyris goes hunting for a lost planet said to contain untold riches in the form of anysogen gas.

When he crashes on her world, M...
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Secret Words (Secret Dreams Contemporary Romance 1), by Miranda P. Charles
Love Touched The Core Of Their Hearts UnexpectedlyBut how do they fight those who believe they weren't meant to be?
When Jasmine Allen met Kane Summers in the unlikeliest of places, she wasn't expecting the swift and immediate attraction she felt for him. But Jasmine had a secret she wasn't at all comfortable sharing with anyone, least of all, the hunky guy who was literally sweeping her off her feet.
Kane Summers was a sucker for damsels in distress. When he found himself wanting to protect Jasmine Allen in more ways than one, the instant chemistry they had for each other hit him squarely in the chest. But Kane's life was complicated, and he wasn't totally free to act on the fascination he felt for her....
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Let's Do Lunch, by K. A. Jordan
Lindsey Bennett is caught between two men, one will tease her, the other will use her; both are capable of killing.

A business owner at the mercy of her employees, Lindsey Bennett of the restaurant "Let's Do Lunch," finds her employees have no mercy. When Lindsey drops everything to be her injured mother's caregiver, relying on her sister to run the restaurant proves to be a mistake. Lindsey's trusted cook quits, the new cook changes the menu, her sister hires a waitress who can't run a register and money comes up missing. When a bug gets in a customer's food, Lindsey could lose it all! Somebody should get fired. But once she's back in charge, Lindsey finds that hiring is easier than firing.

More problems arise with th...
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Atlantic Island: Omnibus Edition, by Fredric Shernoff
For once, seventeen year old Theo Essex thought he could put aside his worries and just enjoy himself. A summer weekend at the shore. An evening with his friends. A beautiful girl in his arms.

That was before the Event.

Now Theo finds himself stranded in a strange new world, surrounded by death and the sea, and trapped between rival forces determined to take control of survivors like him. Facing overwhelming odds, Theo must search for the strength to escape Atlantic Island.

(This Omnibus Edition collects Atlantic Island Books 1-3)...
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The Wild Roses, by Robert J. Elisberg
THE WILD ROSES is the sweeping tale of three women who find themselves caught up in a swashbuckling adventure of high action, comedy and romance to save the king and country. Within months of each other, King Louis XIII, Cardinal Richelieu, and the powerful Queen Mother Marie de Medici all died, leaving France of 1648 in the hands of a Child King. The result is a power vacuum, from which aristocrats hope to plunge the nation into civil war, which could determine the balance of power in Europe forever.

A plot by the leader of the aristocrats has been set in motion, kidnapping the young king, to force the royal family to abdicate. Near-helpless, the Queen Regent and her Chief Minister Cardinal Jules Mazarin try to stave off ...
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