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Book Discovery Day! (Friday Aug 30)

It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Indian Summer (Twelve Months of Romance - September), by Margaret Lake
Indian Summer - a novella

Malone nearly died when she was twelve-years old and since then, she’s felt driven to prove herself. No way is she going to waste the second chance she was given as a child. She works hard and she plays hard. Hiking, kayaking, riding her dirt bike, pushing herself to her physical limits and beyond. When she runs her dirt bike into a tree, it’s Buck Harper to the rescue.

Buck has never forgotten the little girl he’d carried down the mountain to the rescue chopper some twenty years before. When a crazy woman comes charging up the trail on her dirt bike and skids into a tree right in front of him, he goes into rescue mode once again. Only this time, it’s not a sweet, young girl, but a bos...
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Murder Among Friends (Rachel Christie Mystery Series), by Sabena Stone

A secret, known only to a group of seven, rocks a nursing home with murder. It's a secret the members tell no one. Except someone does know. That someone is ruthless enough to kill frail, suffering, defenseless people, preying on their vulnerabilities to get the secret.

When the Sheriff of Stone City asks private detective Rachel Christie to find his mother-in-law, who has been missing for three weeks, Rachel fears the worse. Her partner Cody has a friend connected to the murders and wants the agency to help his friend. Rachel only hopes that she can unravel the crime and save the others before all end up dead.

A stand-alone murder mystery, this is number 7 in the Rachel Chr...
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Battle of Solomon's Island, by Ken Rossignol
A little known story of the heroic efforts of the small village of Solomon's Island to waylay the British fleet after they burned the public buildings in Washington, D.C. during the War of 1812. This historical fiction accurately explains the events of the invasion of Washington and the bombardment of Fort McHenry....
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Titanic Poetry, Music & Stories, by Ken Rossignol
Many great accounts of the fateful night of April 14th and 15th of 1912 have been told about the sinking of the RMS Titanic. Over the past one hundred and one years, the stories of the people and the disaster have been explained in art, movies, books, music and verse.
This book begins with two original poems I have written to commemorate the ship’s first, last and only voyage and the heroics demonstrated by some of those souls on board, some who survived and others who did not.
Other wonderful and historic poems from the years immediately following the disaster are included here along with musical tributes, some of which can be linked to hear historic renditions on ebooks and computers.
Some of the poems are famous, whil...
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The Supercubs and the Battle of Lowcreek (An exciting adventure for ages 5-9) (The Incredibly Empowering Adventures of the Supercubs), by Elli Sacks
Leotopia is much like Earth, and the Longmane cousins- Halley, Crash, Ronnie, Jem and Keira - are very much like human first and third graders.

But there is one *huge* difference. They're lion cubs. And they have no idea that Earth even exists.

All that changes one day, when Halley gets a mysterious package from their science teacher, Doc Sabertooth. Will the Empower-belts from Doc really give them the powers they need to help children on Earth? Will they really be able to travel across time and space to a distant world?

Join the Supercubs on their incredibly empowering adventures.

Next door, in t...
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The Teacher, by Meg Gray
Marcus Lewis, hardened by the events that left him as a single father, buries himself in his work at his family’s law firm and strikes down anyone who judges him or his son—even the young and tenacious teacher that has fallen into his life.
Emma Hewitt meets her greatest challenge as a kindergarten teacher in Brayden and his father, Marcus. Can she look past their bristled exteriors and find something worth saving or are they a lost cause?...
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Fangirl, by Rozlyn Sparks
When blood is food, a jealous master controls your every move, and death comes to anyone you get close to; love is not a luxury you can afford.
Kendra Michaels has tried to follow the rules of her newfound immortal life, but can’t give up on her favorite band, Normal Paradox. She’s followed their success since they were just a small-town band playing coffee shops and local bars. She’s their number one fan and loves everything about them: their music, their lyrics, and especially their lead singer, Marcus Redmond.
He’s the perfect package, with a voice that sizzles and hot body to match. Marcus is the object of all of Kendra’s wildest fantasies, but deep down she knows she can never be Mrs. Rockstar.
For years, sh...
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First Activation: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller, by D.A. Wearmouth
HARRY and his brother JACK are on an airline flight, headed for a wild weekend-a ritual they have enjoyed every May since leaving the army. The trip takes a terrifying turn when they land in New York to find that JFK airport is almost deserted and that the few ground crew they can spot have all been brutally slaughtered. Is it a terrorist attack? Or something even more menacing? When a security guard appears and offers to help the passengers, but promptly shoots the first person off the plane and then kills himself, Harry realises that there is something very, very wrong in New York City.

*On special offer *...
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The Cybot Wars, Book 1, The Alien Inside, by Taylor Michaels
The Cybot Wars started when the Ardinians began abducting humans to save their dying race in another galaxy. But the Cybots didn't declare war. They declared friendship instead. They were so smart.

When Vivika Vader, a beautiful redhead, was abducted by Ardinans, John tried to save her. He was captured and an ArDinian mind was implanted into his brain. The Alien implanted in John's brain was Drell and he could take control any time he wanted. How can anyone escape if their captor is always watching?...
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The Last Breath of Innocence, by Anna Cartman
After the death of her parents, five year old Keeley is sent to live with her eccentric Nana in Manchester. Cut off from the rest of the world and puzzled by the secrecy over her parent's deaths, Keeley finds solace in the beautiful but troubled boy next door, Kieran.
Then, one summers day, when tragedy strikes, Keeley and Kieran's lives are changed forever....
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The Gilded Mirror: Constantinople (Volume 3), by Jocelyn Murray
Age Range: 12 and up ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Genre: Teen/Young Adult - Historical Fiction

Constantinople AD 1453...

Fifteen-year-old Anna Moore has stepped back in time through the forces of a mysterious mirror to the fifteenth century during the fall of Constantinople. It is a city under siege, surrounded by an army intent on breaching its walls, taking its treasures, and killing or enslaving its people. Caught in the turmoil of the action, Anna tries to help people flee to safety from the impending doom.

Inspired by true events that marked the end of the Byzantine Empire, The Gilded Mirror: Constantinople, is a bold and haunting tale of the last days of Byzanti...
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Guitar Of Love (A Rockstar Romance), by Twyla La Creme
Jessica is a young, no nonsense, career driven American psychotherapist that knows what she wants.

Traveling to London on business, she meets Maximus Drake, the rude, egotistical, amazingly talented bad boy lead singer of the British metal band Blood and Guts.

She is not impressed,and doesn't even know his music.

After getting off on the wrong foot at the airport and on the plane, they find themselves having to stay in the same hotel room in London, even though they apparently can't stand each other.

As events unfold, Jessica digs down and unveils the real Maximus Drake, and what she finds is someone even she can't resist.

This 30,000 word novella is the beginning of a much longer piece...
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Reprobate - A Katla Novel (Amsterdam Assassin Series), by Martyn V. Halm
Assassin Katla breaks her own rules when confronted with an unusual witness...

Blessed with an almost non-existent conscience, Katla Sieltjes, expert in disguising homicide, views assassination as an intricate and rewarding occupation. Hidden behind her male alter ego Loki, Katla receives anonymous assignments, negotiates the terms with clients through electronic means, all to protect her identity. Her solitary existence satisfies her until she meets a blind musician whose failure to notice a 'closed' sign causes him to wander in on Katla's crime scene. And Katla breaks one of her most important rules - never leave a living witness.

Reprobate is the first novel in the Amsterdam Assassin Series. Wit...
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Panic (Wildfire Chronicles Vol. 1), by K.R. Griffiths
Panic spread like a virulent fever. Those who saw the bloodletting knew, even as they struggled to comprehend, that an atrocity was emerging; something ancient and primal and unstoppable...

Disgraced police officer Michael Evans thought isolated St. Davids made a good place to hide from the past that haunts him.

For Rachel Roberts it had been home, the only place she could go when the city life she dreamed of turned sour.

Victor lurked in St. Davids because he knew the horror that approached. Because he helped to create it.

Because isolation might just be the only way to survive.


-- As featured on --...
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Professor Kompressor, by Nils Andersson
"We travel into the future at the speed of one second every second...", thought the Professor.
"Nice thought," he mused.
"Is it true, though?"
He couldn't help wondering, and once he started thinking…

Professor Kompressor is an inventor. He is excellent at inventing, but the inventions are not always excellent.

When the Professor sets out to improve the world, things do not quite work out as intended.

Who would have thought that a time machine would turn out to be such a waste of… well… time?

What happens when your mechanical maid develops a mind of her own?

Why does tinkering with an old Volkswagen Beetle turn out to be so dangerous?

Professor Kompressor...
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Awakening the Giant Within: A Personal Adventure into the Astral Realms, by Greg Doyle
Greg Doyle is able to leave his body. Awakening the Giant Within is a true and compelling account of his experience of other realities. One morning while sleeping, a light enters his forehead, waking up his consciousness and taking it down a wormhole to another world. This process ushers in a whole new paradigm of existence for Greg as he experiences firsthand the truths of reincarnation, extraterrestrial intelligence, guidance, the nonexistence of fear, the enduring nature of human happiness, the power of true faith, and the essential urge of our creative imperative. Awakening the Giant Within is a heartfelt, colorful, and inspiring story, tinged with social insight and offering hints and exercises on how to activate your own astral body (...
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