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"Don't Let Me Die In A 400 Square-Foot Studio," by Amy Wolf

Hearty laughs and poignant moments from Amy Wolf, author of "Don't Let Me Die in a Motel 6."

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Don't Let Me Die In A 400 Square-Foot Studio or Can A Person Get PTSD From Life?, by AMY WOLF

"This is an amazing follow-up to the original Don't Let Me Die in a Motel 6. Wolf has created another winner with this manuscript. It is touching, funny, poignant, and really tugs on all the emotions of the reader. It takes everyday drama and turns it into a wild roller coaster ride of laughter and tears. The honesty that Wolf shares within this book is a real testament to the trials and tribulations she has suffered over the past several years. Much more light hearted than the first book, Don't Let Me Die in a 400 Square-Foot Studio gives the reader hope that no obstacle is too deep to travel and success is only footsteps away. My hat goes of to Amy Wolf. Congratulations on another successful novel. I look forward to the next book!" -- Amazon reviewer

"I do believe in God and the Afterlife. If they don't exist, I want my money back."

After Washington Mutual crashed, our intrepid heroine Amy experienced these fun events: unemployment, bankruptcy, foreclosure, repo, divorce, and breast cancer! What more does life have in store for her, she who survived the travails of her first hilarious memoir, Don't Let Me Die In A Motel 6?

This time, it's living in a box(x4); Latino gang members stealing her trash; being outsourced to America, and trying to help her adopted teenage daughter (street name: "Hot Rage").

Amy's life is the longest running soap in history - and there is no final episode!

If you believe in human compassion - that we should all help one another; that the GOP's interest in lady parts is not only odd but creepy, then this book is for you!

Includes a chapter for Twihards and even WaMu, The Musical! If you like humor, honesty, Nora Ephron, and the smart-alecky voice of an L.A. gal - honed by her stand-up stints at The Comedy Store - do not hesitate to read!!

*****Five-Star Amazon Reviews for Motel 6*****
"Dark humor and soul-baring honesty...,"
Thomas Duff "Duffbert"

"She is one hot mess -- and I love her for it!"
Earth Momma

"Simultaneously Horrifying and Hysterical"
Cynthia L. Ward, Writer

You Want THE TRUTH? You Can't HANDLE The Truth!! [or why I LOVED this book!]
Emily Hill "AV Harrison Publishing"

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Meet the Author

Amy Wolf has published 38 short stories in the fantasy/sf press, including REALMS OF FANTASY (2) and INTERZONE (U.K.). She is a graduate of the Clarion West Writer's program ('92) and has an honors English degree from The University of London.

She worked in the Hollywood film industry at 20th Century Fox, Warners, New Line, etc. and developed two scripts for Marlee Matlin & Jennifer Beals. She also worked as a script reader for Joe Roth, MGM, and Orion.

One of three natives out of 10 million, Amy makes her home in Los Angeles with a dog, a bunny, 2 horses, and a puppy left by her 18-year-old daughter.

She performs stand-up at The Comedy Store in Hollywood and has been heard to ask repeatedly: "Is there life before death?"

She is still waiting for an answer.

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