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Free and bargain Kindle books! (Thursday Aug 8)


Honeymoon For One, by Chris Keniston. (Still free?)

"Cooking and cleaning had to wait - Honeymoon for One is a "can't put it down" story. Ship board fling with a "stranger" never to be seen again - really? Not in this book. They had fun on board ship but the real fun begins when he shows up in her town. Throw in a teenager, an ex-fiancee and a pushy co-worker and you have a great summer read filled with twists and turns. So put that cleaning cloth down, you can clean your house anytime! Grab this good book, put your feet up and enjoy!" -- Amazon reviewer

To escape local gossip, jilted bride Michelle Bradford embarks on her honeymoon cruise —alone. Coaxed by a thrill seeking hunk she never expects to see again, she slowly sheds her good girl persona to have some well deserved fun.

But unlike Vegas, what happens on the high seas doesn't always stay there.

178 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 97 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil


FLORIDA HEAT (Florida Heat Murder Mystery Series), by Rainy Kirkland. (Still free?)

"Good book. A good mystery. The two woman really work well together. But the book still left one mystery until the next book. Can't wait!" -- Amazon reviewer

Florida heat is murder - and in FLORIDA HEAT the bodies are stacking up at an alarming rate. From the moment Probation Officer Jo Cazimer witnesses a murder her life is in jeopardy. Working with her best friend Detective Kate Snow they struggle to identify the killer. But in Florida the snakes slither, the gators are hungry and a serial killer is on the loose.

293 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 283 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

Stormy Weather: A Novel, by Dermot Davis. (Still 0.99?)

"A great read! An Alice In Wonderland journey through modern day life, full of unexpected turns, this story continues to surprise and delight. It works on many levels, as a fascinating look at everyday life, a morality tale, and an exploration of the subjective nature of reality. I would recommend this book highly, and look forward to seeing more of Mr Davis." - Conor Wynn

"This is a must read for anyone fascinated by the workings of the human mind, the role of the subconscious and the possibility of making a little more sense from one's own wild dreams." - F. O'Connell"

This novel explores the role that dreams play in the healing of the body/mind/spirit.
Robert Munro, a therapist specializing in dream interpretation, awoke one morning to find himself in a dream from which he could not awaken. Experiencing first hand the limitations of his own training and theories, he must solve the puzzle of his own dream in order to break free from its bondage. In the process, he'll better understand himself, other people, and the nature of consciousness itself.

"I was taken in by this book right from the start, which is always a good sign. From the first couple of pages, it's a puzzle to the reader just as much to the protagonist. Dr. Robert Munro is a therapist who thinks he has all the answers, but as this compelling and thought-provoking story goes on, it becomes clear that he not only doesn't know the answers, he's not even sure what the questions are.
We follow Dr. Munro as he - and the reader - become less and less sure what's real, what's a dream, and what the difference even is. It's a testament to the author's skill that this all follows naturally, and the reader is drawn into it a little at a time until we're questioning everything right along with the protagonist.
The supporting characters are equally well-drawn and compelling, and it's clear that the author has a strong background and deep knowledge of psychology and the imagery of dreams. The prose is clear and comfortable reading, and the payoff at the end is well worth the journey to get there." - James Dibenedetto, author

132 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 40 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

Ineligible Bachelor, by Kathryn Quick. (Still 2.99?)

"A timely tale, INELIGIBLE BACHELOR, penned by talented author Kathryn Quick, is a humorous, sassy contemporary romance that is sure to capture your attention from the very beginning. Having failed to read the fine print when she entered the contest, Freddy finds herself a victim of her own impulsive actions. Now she has to keep Logan out of the arms of the bachelorettes while she convinces him that she is the woman of his dreams. Although she longs to get them out of the contract, she finds that she has backed them into a corner with no way out. I could not help rooting for them as they fluctuate between their desire for each other and their concern that the show is having an effect on their feelings. Packed with emotion, humor, passion, interesting characters, clever repartee, a reality show, romance and true love, this story is an absolute delight. In fact, I hated to see it end. A wonderful afternoon’s escape, I highly recommend INELIGIBLE BACHELOR and look forward to reading more by this very gifted author. Do not miss it!" -- Romance Junkies, Blue Ribbon rating 4.5

After years of pining, Frederika “Freddy” McAllister has hatched a scheme to win Logan Gabriel’s heart: she’ll secretly enter him in Elan Magazine’s Eligible Bachelor Contest, then swoop in to soothe his bruised ego when he loses. Unfortunately, Freddy’s “fool-proof” plans have a tendency to backfire, with disastrous—albeit hilarious—results. And this one looks to be no exception…
Because Logan doesn’t lose—he wins, earning a spot on a new reality TV show with six beautiful women vying for his affections. And if Freddy had read the fine print on the entry form, she would know that, as Logan’s oldest friend, she will be tagging along to choose the lucky girl. Suddenly Freddy’s perfect plan has become a perfect nightmare, complete with scheming TV executives, conniving contestants…and a bachelor in danger of falling for the wrong woman. Freddy caused this mess. Now it’s up to her to prove to Logan—and millions of television viewers—that the girl next door is really the woman of his dreams.

191 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 50 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

A Soul's Calling, by Scott Bishop. (Still 3.99?)

"A middle-aged lawyer hikes to Mount Everest's base camp to repair his soul....Arranged chronologically, each chapter covers one day of his nearly month long journey. The travelogue includes many rich, perceptive details about the glorious mountains, treacherous terrain, physical challenges, and the...various teahouses along the way.... A solid travelogue of a life-changing hike in Nepal.... Kirkus Reviews In the deft hands of the writer, the story undertakes an unputdownable quality....Scott's fluid narrative ensures that readers undergo the journey on every level: the physical, the mental and the sublime. The senses are not just awakened, they are tugged in all directions with a melange of descriptions that will leave readers asking for more. Scott Bishop not only captures the graceful souls of the towering mountains, but he also reveals them to us. Rachna Chhabria, author

A Soul's Calling is a memoir about a man who listened to his heart instead of reason.

Scott, a forty-something attorney, is average in every way except one. He has a connection to the Other Side. He speaks to Spirit and Spirit speaks to him. He sees, hears, and interacts with an invisible realm that is beyond ordinary human perception. When Scott learns his soul has been spiritually compromised he travels to the ancient kingdom of Nepal to win it back. Once there, he hikes the Himalaya carrying a mysterious bundle and a stick laden with prayers from Luminous Beings hoping to come face to face with the greatest mountain on earth: Mount Everest. As his journey unfolds, Scott is called on to battle his fear of heights, the thin air, and his physical limitations.

A Soul's Calling transports readers to the rugged but enchanting Khumbu Valley where mountains speak and nature is imbued with a special kind of magic. The novel is an inspiring modern day adventure that weaves the timeless themes of living an authentic life, the consequences of power, and what a man would do for unrequited love.

Part travelogue, part hiking adventure, A Soul's Calling blends elements of shamanism and magic as it brings the Himalaya to life in vivid detail. Powerful, sweeping, and deeply moving, readers will search their hearts as the book draws to a stunning conclusion.

341 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 7 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

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