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"The Eden Plague," by David VanDyke

This opener to the Plague Wars series has over 30 five-star reviews! Author David VanDyke has served as a combat veteran with US Army Airborne and an officer in the US Air Force.

The Eden Plague (Plague Wars), by David VanDyke

"I dare you to strap yourself into this rocket sled and take a ride. Absolutely WALL-TO-WALL action! It's a science fiction, military, techno-thriller. The combat scenes, the weaponry detail, the Special Forces camaraderie and warrior insight... it's an excellently told and authentically compelling story. David Van Dyke does this kind of story as well as anybody out there. His science fiction concepts are fresh and neatly interwoven into a patchwork of real human drama. There is a romantic slant to the tale, as well, that adds interest. The plot, the characters, and the non-stop action are just superb. I love this book and recommend it highly." -- Amazon reviewer

Third Edition. ON SALE for a limited time, pick it up today before it's back to its normal $3.98 price. Thriller/military sci-fi with an apocalyptic alien invasion theme.

Rule #1: Try not to shoot your future wife. When special operations veteran Daniel Markis finds armed invaders in his home and it all goes sideways, he soon finds himself on the run from the shadowy Company and in possession of a biological breakthrough that might throw planet Earth into chaos. Out of options, Daniel turns to his brothers in arms to fight back and get the answers he needs. Soon he takes possession of a secret that threatens the stability of the world, as he leads a conspiracy to change everything.

Eden Plague leads readers into the exciting and engrossing Plague Wars apocalyptic-thriller series. It borrows from the traditions of Michael Crichton, Dean Koontz, with shades of David Drake, Jerry Pournelle, S. M. Stirling, Vaughn Heppner and B.V. Larson.

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PG-13 for language, violence and adult situations (non-explicit)

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Meet the Author

David VanDyke is a former US Army Airborne enlisted soldier and, later in life, a US Air Force officer. He served in and out of combat zones all over the world in the 1980s through the 2000s. He lives on the East Coast with his wife and three dogs.

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