Thursday, May 9, 2013

"The Art of Deception," by Kate Kelly

Sophie is suspected of art forgery and drug smuggling... but FBI Agent Vince Gage can't believe the incriminating evidence. Reduced to 99 cents!

The Art of Deception, Book Two, Stolen Hearts series, Romantic Suspense, by Kate Kelly

"This is the third book by Kate Kelly I have had the pleasure to review and I must say I have loved every books so far.I loved the main characters and the story is very well writen. It is a quick and easy read with romance and suspense and it will keep you reading until the very end. If you are into romance and suspense books then I highly recommend this one." -- GeekyGirlReviews

Cold, hard facts make a case, but there’s nothing cold or hard about FBI Agent Vince Gage's prime suspect, Sophie Pascotto. Despite incriminating evidence and that his job is at risk. Gage can’t convince himself Sophie is guilty. He struggles to balance the facts, but there’s one fact he can’t ignore--he’s falling in love with Sophie.

Someone has set up Sophie and her brother to take the fall for art forgery and drug smuggling. When Gage discovers Sophie has received death threats, he convinces her they need to work together. Sophie soon realizes beneath his tough cop exterior lurks a kind man. This Gage is much more dangerous because he engages her heart. With her family under suspicion for forgery, the last person she should become involved with is a by-the-book FBI agent.

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Meet the Author

Kate Kelly has had a life-long love affair with books, but writing came in fits and starts. She didn't take it seriously until her forties. Now she can't get along without it.

She finaled in the RWA Golden Heart contest in 2001 and won the Daphne du Maurier 2006.

She has the good fortune to live on the east coast of Canada with her husband (the children have flown away). She writes, grow herbs and perennials and sails when the wind blows her way.

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