Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Solomon's Throne," by Jennings Wright

The treasure of a lifetime is at stake as Rei and Gideon follow clues in letters from a dead Jesuit priest to track down the lost throne of King Solomon. But they're racing against a secret organization that is using a stolen journal to beat them to the prize. A 4+ rating over 35 customer reviews for the action thriller!

Solomon's Throne (The Quinn Adventures), by Jennings Wright

"This is a great book for people who are into adventure. As well, it offered a great escape into places many of us would never dream of being able to go. The writer transports the reader to these places and offers a flavor of each culture. While I normally do not like books which go back and forth in time, this approach made perfect sense for this type of story. I can see how this could be made into a screenplay with added challenges and surprises. All in all, a good read." -- Amazon reviewer

After a daring robbery, Rei and Gideon Quinn are recruited by their boss to recover a lost family heirloom: a letter written by St. Paul that could rewrite the history of the Church. What they discover is that an old journal, also stolen but little thought of, was the real object of the theft. An art preservationist, Rei begins to decipher clues in the journal, and finds that they lead to a treasure: the long lost throne of King Solomon. As they embark on a treasure hunt, following the Portuguese Spice Route through east Africa, the Middle East and into India, they must rely on letters from a long dead Jesuit priest. They must also keep one step ahead of the secret militant order that carried out the robbery and is after the same goal: the prize of a lifetime.

Filled with fast paced action and having broad appeal, Solomon’s Throne is an ingenious adventure that sweeps the reader around the globe in a race against time.

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Meet the Author

I am an eclectic writer... Or maybe ADD. I can't stick to just one genre! I've written action/adventure, Christian historical romance, dystopian, and my next project is a YA dystopian low fantasy. I like interesting locations and engaging characters, and whatever genre is best to tell their story... That's what I write.

I am a lifelong traveler, and am always looking for my next trip, whether near or far. I've traveled to Uganda six times in the last few year for my non-profit there, and hope that my love of Africa is reflected in the Quinn's adventures in Solomon's Throne. I also love history, and all my books have historical elements, even those set in the future.

There are many more adventures in my future -- I'll try to share them with you in my books!

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