Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Self-Made Scoundrel," by Tristan J. Tarwater

This prequel to the fantasy THIEVES AT HEART is available today for only 99 cents!

Self-Made Scoundrel (The Valley of Ten Crescents #2), by Tristan J. Tarwater

"Wonderfully written and imagined! Tarwater does an excellent job of developing deep and complex characters, flaws and all. I like the idea of this series having a prequel. I think it was a smart decision by the author to set up the series in this way. Now I am looking forward to the continued adventures of Derk and Tavi! I also wouldn't mind seeing more written about Derk's brother, left behind to rule the barony in Derk's absence. Overall, this is a wonderfully written and imagined series that will keep you emotionally invested throughout." -- Amazon reviewer

Dershik Cartaskin's life is one of power, wealth, privilege... and lies. Son to an ambitious father, husband to a wife he cannot love, and father to a child who is not his own, Dershik has everything, and yet nothing to call his own.

When the price of power and the weight of lies grow too great for him to bear, Dershik decides to leave everything he's ever known behind, and makes a deadly choice that will irrevocably alter his future.

Rejecting his former life, Dershik takes on a new name and a new identity, and sets out to forge his legacy as Derk -- member of the band of thieves known as the Cup of Cream, and SELF-MADE SCOUNDREL. But soon Derk finds that even a dishonest man can't hide from the truth...

In this prequel to THIEVES AT HEART, author Tristan Tarwater (BOTANICA BLUES, LITTLE GIRL LOST) tells the story of Derk, the man who changed Tavera's life forever.


"An absolutely delightful prequel to Thieves At Heart."

"An origin story without being boring."

"I can't wait to read more."

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Meet the Author

Tristan J Tarwater is the author of The Valley of Ten Crescents series, as well as several other stories that hope to see the light of day. Born and raised in New York City she remembers reading a lot, visiting Museums and the Aquarium frequently and wanting to be a writer from a very early age. Her love of fantasy and sci-fi spills over into what she reads and watches in her free time as well as the collection of dice, books and small metal figurines that reside in her home.

Tristan is currently working on the first round of edits of the final books in the "Valley of Ten Crescents" series as well as the beginnings of a short story collection of horror stories. Her work can also be found at Troll in the Corner where she writes the column 'Reality Makes the Best Fantasy'. She currently lives in Central California with her Admin, Small Boss, a cat that knows it's a multipass and Azrael.

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