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"A Walk in the Woods," by Margaret Lake

Short stories, novellettes, and flash fiction from accomplished author Margaret Lake!

A Walk In The Woods, by Margaret Lake

"Take a little time and enjoy these sweet stories! I found them to be a nice way to spend an afternoon. In my opinion, the author saved the most precious story for last- it really demonstrated the true meaning of love and family. There was one story I didn't care for as much as the others; even the one I liked the least was still decent reading. I'm usually not a big fan of short stories: by the time I've developed any feeling for the characters, the story is usually over. Not this time. This author has a talent for giving a quick sketch that somehow seems complete, by using the right details and filling in the right blanks. I'm happy I bought this one!" -- Amazon reviewer

This anthology contains previously published as well as never before published works.

A Walk In The Woods - Flash Fiction
In search of the perfect woman, Mathias the Wizard invents the most perfect spell ever made.

Sweet Savage Charity - A Novelette
In 1621 New England, a Puritan woman fights for her right to choose.

Grindel’s Tale - A Short Story
Grindel fights developers who would destroy the woods he protects.

Only In My Dreams - A Novelette
After 30 years of marriage, Delia can still dream, can’t she'

Sir Dragonbreath - A Short Story
Gwendolyn is a lonely witch, looking for love.

Of Love And War - A Novelette
It’s John v. Julie in this vintage battle of the sexes.

A Slice of Life - A Novella
Grace is 37, painfully shy, and she must overcome her fears to save her family restaurant.

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Print length: 167 pages

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Meet the Author

Margaret Lake was born in New Jersey, but moved to Florida in her early teens and has lived there ever since.

Reading has been her favorite activity since she was ten years old. Even after purchasing a Kindle, she still has seven large bookcases filled with paper books.

Her other passion is history, especially English History, dating from when she first read "Catherine" by Anya Seton. When the inspiration came to write her first novel, she naturally gravitated to the Wars of the Roses because of that book.

Her favorite author is Susan Howatch, her favorite book is "Outlander" and her favorite series is Harry Potter. She leads a Harry Potter book club at the elementary school and helps with the chess club.

Margaret recently rescued a nine-year old Jack Russell Terrier named Angelo.

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