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"Stand By Your Hitman," by Leslie Langtry

Missi Bombay fits in well with her family of assassins - killing with ingenious gadgets like fatal flowers, and Jell-O bullets. But when her mother signs her up for a Costa Rica matchmaking reality show, Missi's love life gets mixed up with her day job, resulting in hilarious mayhem. 99 cents today!

Stand By Your Hitman (Greatest Hits Mysteries), by Leslie Langtry

"One of the most hilarious books I've ever read. There were so many scenes that had me laughing that it's tough to pick a favorite to mention. All the scenes on the island were so good. I loved the `camp' set up and how close it was to the sponsor of the show. The challenges and rewards were hilarious. The attraction between Lex and Missi was almost immediate and I liked the chemistry between them. Missi is definitely not your typical heroine and Lex isn't quite your typical hero, but they both quickly climbed my ranks of favorites. Anyone looking for a fun, laugh out loud read will not go wrong picking this one up!" -- Amazon reviewer

Missi Bombay invents things--fatal flowers, Jell-O bullets, stroke-inducing panty hose and other ways to kill a target without leaving any kind of evidence. She's a great asset to her family of assassins. The one thing she can't invent, though, is a love life. Unfortunately, her mom has decided to handle that for her. Next thing Missi knows, she's packed off to Costa Rica for a wild reality show where she's paired with Lex, the hottest contestant on TV. Too bad she also has to scope out a potential victim. But the job becomes tougher when someone starts sabotaging the show...and love-of-her-life Lex thinks she's the culprit!

Stand By Your Hitman Reviews:

“When it comes to assassin-filled comedy, Langtry has cornered the market!”
-Romantic Times BOOKreviews

“Stand By Your Hitman is another sure hit winner.”
-Chicago Tribune

“The Bombays deliver again their unique blend of danger, romance and madcap mayhem. Put all of that together with the worst put-together reality show possible, and the result is a fun read.”

“Fans of the Bombay brood will enjoy their latest escapades as the audience will stand by their hit-woman.”
-Midwest Book Review

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Meet the Author

Leslie Langtry is the author the Bombay Family Series of Assassins books. She is not, nor ever has been an assassin. She likes sunsets, walks on the beach, palindromes and cake. Mostly cake. Yup...cake. You can find out more about her and her books at

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