Monday, May 6, 2013

"Don't Let Me Die in a Motel 6," by Amy Wolf

With cheeky wit, the author (a regular at Hollywood's 'The Comedy Store') relates her travails after losing her WaMu job, her property, and her credit rating... and struggles to survive with her teenage daughter. A 4+ rating after fifty reviews, and 99 cents today!

Don't Let Me Die In A Motel 6 or One Woman's Struggle Through The Great Recession, by Amy Wolf

"In today's economic environment, all it takes is one unexpected job loss to completely destroy your concept of "normal". Amy Wolf had that happen when Washington Mutual (WAMU) went belly-up. Wolf writes with a dark and morbid sense of humor, being open with her struggles and successes. I have to hand it to her, though... I think all these things would have crushed me. Wolf bares her life with painful honesty and humor. I found myself laughing at parts that should have been uncomfortable at best, but she applies her unique brand of humor to it all. She went through four years of hell, and came out a survivor. As humor, I loved it (even though I kept thinking "WHY DID YOU DO THAT AGAIN???"). As someone's honest life story, it reinforced how temporary and tenuous things can be. I hope Wolf continues her writing, as I think she could do a stellar job in a novel format." -- Amazon Hall of Fame reviewer

Think Nora Ephron on food stamps!

SHOPAHOLIC meets Woody Allen as one middle-class, smartass gal is ejected from her cushy life after the crash of Washington Mutual Bank.

Gone are the horses and weekend getaways, and in their place come rescue kitties and quick escapes from the Repo Man.

Our heroine's travails echo the story of Job, but with much more kvetching: she is forced to declare bankruptcy, gives up all her credit cards (gasp!), and watches her house spin away with the Tidy Bowl man as it slides underwater. Instead of sushi at Katsuya, she dines on Kraft macaroni; in place of a 5,000 square foot house is a small studio apartment that she shares with two dogs, a bunny, and an adopted 14-year-old daughter.

The woman's name is Amy, and this is her (my) story.

The plot is so heightened it reads like pulp, but all of it is true: Near-Suicide! Death! Violence! Cancer! Sex trafficking of minors! Sex with multiple partners!! Real life is a bitch, but yes, it can be funny. And Amy -- frequent performer at The Comedy Store in Hollywood & refugee from Hollywood's studios -- knows how to spin a surreal, comic tale!

Enter her world. . .if you dare.

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Meet the Author

Amy Wolf has published 38 short stories in the fantasy/sf press, including REALMS OF FANTASY (2) and INTERZONE (U.K.). She is a graduate of the Clarion West Writer's program ('92) and has an honors English degree from The University of London.

She worked in the Hollywood film industry at 20th Century Fox, Warners, New Line, etc. and developed two scripts for Marlee Matlin & Jennifer Beals. She also worked as a script reader for Joe Roth, MGM, and Orion.

One of three natives out of 10 million, Amy makes her home in Los Angeles with a dog, a bunny, 2 horses, and a defiant 17 year-old daughter.

She performs stand-up at The Comedy Store in Hollywood and has been heard to ask repeatedly: "Is there life before death?"

She is still waiting for an answer.

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